July 15 2019

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 3, Episode 10

Jessica Jones Season 3 Episode 10
casket= KAFKT
mortuary= TWAIR
motive= MOEF
thorough= THRO
impact= KBAKT
if he was= FEFS
weapons= WEPS
research= REFP
muscles= MUFLS
dirty= DOIRT
skull= SKUL
suspended= SW*END
devoted= DVOETD
loyal= LOIL
attorney= TOERN
details= SDAILS
probate= PROEBT
memory= MEM
requested= Q-D
is asked= S-FKD
eulogy= AOULG
last time= LAFMT
senator= SNOR
outstanding= OUS
antagonize= TAENGZ
defrauded= DPRA*UD
stubborn= STBORN
refusal= R-FL
bruising= BRAOUFG
the better= TB*ERT
innocent= N-NT
alibi= AEB
circumstantial= SIRBLG
suspect= S-PT
sanctimonious= SA*ING/MOEN/Y*US
charity= KHAIRT
adopted= DOPTD
potential= POERB
valuable= VABL
in it= N*T
certificate= SER
social security= S-S
post office= POFS
coroner= KROERN
and I’m the= SKPAOIMT
obituary= O/BIT/WA*ER
alert= LAERT
why are you= Y*UR
do you need= DOUFRN
this is about= TH-FB
forensic= FRENS
leverage= LEFRJ
take care of this= TAEFRKTS
film= FIM
developed= VELD
I need it= *IFRNT
conveniently= VAOENLT
regular= REG
obligated= BLIGTD
therapy= THAERP
Thanksgivings= THAFGS
movie= MO*EF
normal= NOL
bodega= BOEGD
quintessensial= QUINT/S*EFNL
I’ve got= AO*IFGT

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