July 17 2019

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 3, Episode 12

Jessica Jones Season 3 Episode 12
you were= URP
you were willing= URPLG
no longer= NO*RNG
anyone else= NINLS
why aren’t= Y*RNT
euphoric= AOU/FO*RK
permanently= PLERM
in the hospital= NOPT
are you really= R*URL
inevitable= NEFBL
this isn’t= TH*FNT
differential= D*IFRNL
diagnosis= D-GS
when I have= WHIF
I’m going to= AOIMGTD
should I be= SHIB
profile= PROIL
awkward= AURKD
solid= SLOD
Georgia= GA*
it will be= T*BL
convict= VIKT
identity= AOID
imprisonment= KBRIFMT
exonerate= XON
balancing= BALG
do you ever= DOUFR
maddening= MAD/*ENG
tranquilizer= TRA*ING/LAO*IRZ
paralysis= PARLS
armor= AORM
distinction= DINGS
lazy= LAEZ
cliché= KLAOERB
because you are not= BAURNT
disagree= SGRAOE
physically= F*IFL
what I did= WHAILGTS
ambitious= BIRBS
logic= L-J
on the job= OEJ
confessed= FEFD
should I even= SHIFN
punish= P-RB
satisfying= SAEFG
we have to= WEFTD
sixty= SIKT
behold= BHOELD
furious= FURBS
looted= LAOTD
will you= LU
trust me= TRUFMT

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