July 18 2019

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 3, Episode 13

Jessica Jones Season 3 Episode 13
is ready= S-RD
Sanchez= SAN/KH*EZ
care about= KAIRB
you’re sure= YO*URZ
too far= TAOFR
for me= F-RM
necessary= NES
debuting= DBAOUGT
upset= SPET
progressing= PRO*G
you asked= UFKD
how bad= HOUBD
evasion= AOEFGS
withdrawal= WRAUL
credit card= KRERKD
I wouldn’t= YAO
east side= AOEFDZ
East Side= AO*EFDZ
kind of= KAOIF
nose= NOEZ
if it= F*T
critical condition= KR-N
I don’t give= YOFG
from us= FRUS
gun= G-N
marksman= MARKS/MA*N
New York= NORK
and I will= SKPIL
to need it= TO*FRNT
hostage= HOFJ
viral= VAOIRL
objective= OFBT
social media= SDWRA
hashtag= HARBGT
contractor= KR-RT
government= GOFT
Thailand= TAOINLD
seventeen= SFAOEN
modified= MOIFD
oxygen= SHEN
in this= NIS
parkway= POI
cargo= KARG
imports= KBORTS
get out= GO*UT
prove me= PROFM
side effect= SFEKT
jurisdiction= JURD
for the record= FRORD
murder in the first degree= M-FD
murder in the second degree= M-KD
acknowledge= NAOJ0
aggravated assault= GRAULT
breaking and entering= BRAERKT
attempted murder= TMURD
depiction= DPIBGS
from you= FRU
mutual= MAOUFP
likewise= LAOIKZ
and you think= SKPUNG
Mexico= M*EX
Texas= T*X

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