July 22 2019

Briefs And Phrases From Stranger Things- Season 2, Episode 2

Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 2
understood= NAOND
patriots= PROITS
if I did= FILGTS
were not= PR*NT
bunch= BUFP
compromise= KPROM
promise= PROM
nerd= NERD
can I go= KIG
scientist= SAOINT
why not= Y-NT
conspiracy= SPIRZ
flashbacks= FLARB/BA*KS
Chicago= KH*I
Boston= BOFNT
cigarettes= SGRETS
Cooper= KAO*RP
doing this= DOGTS
proton= PROE/TO*N
candy= KAEND
presumptuous= PRAOE/SUFRP/Y*US
terminator= TERM/NA*IRT
poisoned= POIFND
alibi= AEB
slandering= SLARNGD
homework= HOERK
cow= KO*U
neighborhood= NAED
relax= RAEK
no, I just= NOIJT
exterminators= STRERMTS
tubular= TAOUB/LA*R
zombie= SO*M/BAO*E
and then= SKPHEN

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