July 23 2019

Briefs And Phrases From Stranger Things- Season 2, Episode 3

Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 3
greatest= GRAEFT
constipated= SKPAITD
eviction= EFGS
nougat= NOUGT
last thing= LAFNG
can you just= KUJT
yeah, of course= YAIFX
paddles= PALDZ
there he is= THRES
American= MERN
would you= WOU
focus= FOEKS
flashlights= FLARBLTS
storage= STORJ
music= MAOUK
gunfire= GAOIR
daylight= DAILT
like it is= LAO*IKTS
tadpole= TAD/PO*EL
toad= TAO*D
polliwogs= POL/YI/WO*GS
polliwog= POL/YI/WO*G
ectothermic= EK/TOE/TH*ERPBLG
reptile= REP/TAO*IL
punch= PUFP
radius= RAID/Y*US
patterns= PAERNZ
ago= AG
egghead= EG/H*ED
to remember= TORM
do I have= DOIF
afterwards= AFRDZ
orphan= OFRN
perception= PEFRPGS
we need to= WEFRNTD
coincidence= KWOINS
acquired= QIRD
elaborate= LAOEBT
ethereal= A/THAOER/YA*L
open it= O*EPT
Walkman= WAUK/MA*N
are you sure= RUZ
about this= B-TS
Holland= HONLD
I haven’t= *IFNT
after all= AFRL
canceled= KAELD
only this= OENLTS

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