July 31 2019

Briefs And Phrases From Stranger Things- Season 2, Episode 9

Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 9
I wouldn’t let= YAOLT
where have you been= WR*UFB
disgusting= SGUFGT
pearls= PERLZ
babysitter= BAERBT
scientific= SAOIFKT
mammal= MAM/A*L
amigo= A/MAOE/GO*E
redhead= RED/H*ED
disobey= SDBAOE
disobeyed= SDBOED
follow me= FL-M
I got= *IGT
about a= BA
prodded= PRO*D
think about it= TH*IT
help= HEP
I’m okay= AO*IPBLG
trust me= TRUFMT
plenty= PLENT
angers= ANGZ
terrible= TERBL
incendiary= IN/SIN/DA*ER
exposure= SKPAOUR
asphyxiant= AS/FIX/YA*NT
diet= DAO*IT
jingle= JINLG
what’s happening= WHAEPG
sleigh= SLA*I
we are= wer
snazzy= SNAZ/YI
nesting= NE*GS
closer= KLOERS
retired= RIRD
replace= PLAEFR

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