August 1 2019

Briefs And Phrases From Stranger Things- Season 3, Episode 1

Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 1
open this= OEPTS
previews= PRAOUFS
there be= THR*B
showtime= SHOE/TAO*IM
corrupting= KRUPGT
heart-to-heart= HART/TO/HA*RT
Iran= AO*IRN
mustard= MUS/TA*RD
zit= S*IT
apocalypse= A/POK/L*IPS
crystal= KRIFLT
Utah= *UT
Purdue= PUR/DAO*U
first day= FIRD
feature= FAOEFP
captain= KAPT
and I know= SKPIN
and open= SKPOEP
Shakespearean= SHAIK/SPAO*ERN
Frasier= FRAIRZ
environment= VAOIRMT
whirlwind= WH*IRL/W*IND
disrespect= DR-PT
going to= G-GTD
genius= JAOENZ
Karen= KA*RN

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