August 9 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 1, Episode 13

Blacklist Season 1 Episode 13
baby= BAEB
stroller= STRORL
exploitation= XLOIGS
adoption= DOPGS
perfection= P-FRGS
copious= KOEP/YUS
paperwork= PAIRK
forger= FRORJ
assure= SHUR
agency= AEG
phone call= FOENG
funny= FOIN
misunderstanding= MUNGD
gave to= GAIFTD
pronto= PRON/TO*E
warrant= WARNT
confidential= K-FL
as much as= SFPS
internationally= SBAEL
Lithuania= L*IT/WAIN/YA*
allegation= AELGS
this will be= TH*BL
college= KLEJ
physics= F*IFKS
by the= B*IT
concluded= KL*UD
dossier= DOS/Y*ER
retired= RIRD
recall= RAUL
show me= SHOEM
gunshot wound= GOUND
where has= WR-BS
atrophy= TROF
deteriorated= DRAETD
prenatal= PRAOENLT
folic= FOE/L*IK
sedation= SDAIGS
benzodiazepine= BEN/SO*E/DAOI/PAO*EN
Hydroxipam= HAOI/DROX/PA*M
Bethesda= BA/THES/DA*
transcripts= TRIPTS
foster= FOEFRT
therapist= THAERPT
therapists= THAERPTS
mandatory= MARND
subpoena= SPAOEN
east coast= AO*EFKT
cul-de-sac= KUL/DA/SA*K
Egypt= GIPT
Aristotle= AR/STO*L
narcotics= NARKTS
mescaline= MEFK/L*IN
Navajo= NAF/HO*E
inventories= VENS
pharmacies= FARMSZ
fertility= FERLT
in the meantime= NAOENT
blueprints= BLUPTS
Lisbon= LIS/BO*N
pathologically= PLAL

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