August 12 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 1, Episode 18

Blacklist Season 1 Episode 18
LaGuardia= LA/GAURD/YA*
bedtime= BED/TAO*IM
slow it= SLO*ET
pancakes= PAN/KA*IKS
gluten= GLAOUNT
flu= FLU
wonky= WO*NG/YI
I didn’t give= YIFG
talk about this= TAUBTS
I am so= IMS
pimento= PA/MEN/TO*E
Eartha Kitt= *ERT/A*/K*IT
tell me the= TL-MT
meddling= MELGD
vulnerabilities= VURBLTS
passports= PAFRPTS
work for= WOFR
works for= WOFRS
working for= WOFRG
apple= AEPL
unique= YAOEK
Brooklyn= BLIN
taxi= TAEX
passenger= PAERNG
work of the= WOFRKT
this accident= TH-X
glimpse= GLIMS
senator= SNOR
committee= KMAOE
chairman= KHAIRM
accidental= SD-L
assassination= SNAEGS
days of the week= DAIFKZ
uncle= UNG
inheritance= HERNS
financial= F-NL
cervical= SEFRBLG
anonymous= NOUMS
motives= MOEFS
life insurance= LURNS
mortgage= MORT
tuition= TWIGS
so much has= SOFPBS
pronounce= PROUNS
Chicago= KH*I
skyline= SKAOI/LAO*IN
Boston= BOFNT
Tokyo= TOEK/YO*E
Seattle= SAOELT
Mexico City= M*EX/ST*I
do I know= DOIN
is this really= STH*RL
rascal= RAFBLG
San Salvador= SAN/SAL/VA/DO*R
Craig= KRA*IG
Vincent= VIFNT
medical records= MORDZ
grappa= GRA/PA*
Dubrovnik= DAOU/BROF/N*IK
about her= BHER
police reports= PLORPS
brother-in-law= BROERNL
hacksaw= HAK/SA*U
to have to= TOFTD
insurance agency= SHURGZ
oven= O*FN
kitchen= KIFP
yogurt= YOERGT
pretzels= PRELTSZ
actuary= TWAER
volunteers= VOES
diabetes= DAOIBTS
right hand= R-ND
left hand= L-ND
and I go= SKPIG
matter of time= MAERMT
co-workers= KROERKS
endocrinology= SBOE/KRINLG
pharmaceutical= FAURL
Berlin= BERNL
elevator= L-FRT
basement= BAIFMT
mechanical= M-BLG
fascinates= FAFNTS
tremendous= TRE
orphans= OFRNS
right to remain silent= R-RS
great deal= GRAOEL

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