August 18 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 1, Episode 22

Blacklist Season 1 Episode 22 part 2
cockpit= KOK/P*IT
Brylcreem= BIRL/KRAO*EM
after this= AFRTS
restraints= STRAENTS
Bogotá= BOEG/TA*
radar= RAIRD
radios= RAOS
cuffed= K*UFD
retrofitted= ROERT/F*ITD
originated= AURJTD
altimeter= AL/TIM/T*ER
traffic control= T*K
airspace= AIR/SPA*IS
apprehended= PRAEND
Chechen= KHEFP/*EN
citywide= STI/WAO*ID
gunfire= GAOIFR
adversary= DWAER
spectacle= SPEBLGT
take care= TAERK
this time= TH-MT
for the record= FRORD
he made= EMD
asked me= SK-MD
casualty= KARBLT
distort= SDORT
let me ask you= SKLOU
Venezuela= VENZ/WA*IL
ambassador= SDOR
fugitive= FAOUJT
freestone= FRAOE/STO*EN
clingstone= KLING/STO*EN
ideal= YAOEL
consumption= SKUMGS
on the other hand= OERND
for the first time= F-FRT
they know= TH*EN
circulate= SL-T
colonel= K*ERNL
off the record= OFRTD
eyewitness= Y-NS
fiancée= FAOENZ
ginger= JIRNG
because of me= BAUFM
Yawalapiti= YA/WAL/PAOE/TAO*E
Kuluene= KA/WAIN/YI
bartender= BRERND
butcher= BUFRPT
all of this= AUFLTS
Beirut= BAI/RAO*UT
simplifies= S-FS
between us= TWUS
Campolongo= KOFRP/LON/GO*E
course of= KOUFRS
and we’ll= SKPWAO*EL

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