September 2 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 2, Episode 4

Blacklist Season 2 Episode 4
delinquency= DLINZ
activation= AFX
Philadelphia= FIL/FIL
bargain= BARNG
the answer is= TA*ENS
that I was
Jennifer= JIFRN
Solvang= SOEL/VA*NG
Reston= RES/TO*N
criminal record= KRINLD
tinfoil= TIN/FO*ELD
underground= N-RGD
co-workers= KROERKS
dissatisfied= SDAEFD
foreclose= FOERK
anonymous= NOUMS
metastasized= MA/TAS/SAO*IDZ
abnormality= BORLT
deterioration= DRAEGS
freeway= FROI
sideways= SDWAIS
electromagnetic= L-MG
you can see= UKZ
miserable= MIFRBL
polyglot= POL/YI/GLO*T
Tel Aviv= TEL/A/VAO*EF
recovery= ROIFR
Mesquite= M*ES/KAO*ET
blogger= BLO*RG
Jackpot= JAK/PO*T
psychology= SKOLG
at some point= SPOIN
website= WAOIT
questionnaire= KWERN
psychological= SKL-L
talk about= TAUB
and I go= SKPIG
immunization= KBAOUNGS
medical records= MORDZ
psychiatric= SKAOERKT
faithful= FAIF
Duncan= DUN/KA*N
with your= WUR
anxiety= ANGT
hospitalized= HOPDZ
what do you remember= WHAOURM
standardized= ST*DZ
blood tests= BLAOTS
scrips= SKRIPS
forum= FOURM
perpetrator= PRERPT
to do so= TAODZ
verified= VOIFD
get out of= GO*UFT
listen to= L-NTD
take it= TA*IKT
shrimp= SHRIFRP
gas station= GAIGS
who you think= WHOUNG

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