September 8 2019

Briefs and Phrases From Power: Season 6, Episode 3

Keisha and Tommy
transport= TR-PT
Hughes= HAO*US
law school= LAOL
if this= F-TS
tatted= TA*TD
Queens= KWAO*ENS
Westchester= WEFRP or WEFRPT
pay attention= PAINGS
package= PAJ
politics= PLIKS
campaign= KPAIN
Keisha= KAOERB/A*
Percs= P*ERKS
Zans= SA*NS
Adderall= AD/RA*L
Bushwick= BURB/W*IK
confession= FEGS
circumstantial evidence= SKAEFD
immunity= KBAOUNT
Mexico= M*EX
bulldozer= BUL/DO*ERZ
city council= STOUNL
political= PLIL
energize= N-RJZ
back door= DBAOR
salon= SLON
it used= TAOUFD
it used to= TAOUFTD
Jason= JAIFN
cartel= KARLT
touché= TAOU/SHA*I
good time= GAOMT
couch= KOUFP
accommodations= KOMGSZ
perjury= PEJ
roommate= RAOMT
courtroom= KRAOM
courthouse= KHOUS
Gerald= GERLD
overhead= VED
profits= PROFTS
surplus= SPLUS
indictment= DAOIMT
homework= HOERK
jumpsuit= JUFRPT
scotch= SKOFP
indeed= N-D
half= HAF
Tillary= TIL/RAO*E
lookout= LAOKT
Utica= AOUT/KA*
mantle= MANLT
Washington, D.C.= WARBDZ
humiliating= HULGT
debris= DBRI
Valium= VAL/Y*UM
betray= BRAE
just because= JUBS
liquidity= KLITD
ownership= OIP
stop it= STO*PT
is because= SBAUS

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