October 6 2019

Briefs and Phrases From Power: Season 6, Episode 7

Power Season 6 Episode 7

Rochester= ROFRPT
primary= PROIRM
bedroom= BERM
inventory= VEN
weekend= WEND
precious= PRERBS
high school= HAOL
college= KLEJ
Jason= JAIFN
in person= KBERN
coffee= KO*EF
when would be= WH*BLD
I’m not= Y*MT
Brooklyn= BLIN
credible= KREBL
reconcile= SKAOIL
misconduct= SKUKT
it wasn’t= TWAENT OR TWA*FNT
bureaucratic= BRAOURKT
website= WAOIT
reckless= REBLGS
dedicated= DAETD
romance= ROEMZ
White House= WHOUS
works for= WOFRS
she told= SHELTD or SHAOELTD
deploy= DPLOI
shipment= SHIMT
crates= KRAETS
warehouse= WROUS
if you were= FURP
going to= G-GTD
prospects= PR-PTS
that mean= THAM
for it= F-RT
unicorn= AOUN/KO*RN
New Yorkers= NRORKS
had to= H-TD
diverse= DWERS
syllabus= SIL/B*US
she knows= SHENS
casualty= KARBLT
congressional= KO*NL
Flatbush= FLAT/B*URB
according to= KWORGTD
Atlanta= TLAN
you’re late= YO*URLT
lawfully= LAUFL
like this= LAOIKTS
just because= JAUBS
apple= AEPL
under any circumstances= UNS
consolidating= SKLOGD
Derrick= D*ERK
gubernatorial= GAOUB/TO*ERL
tell me the= TL-MT
ankle= A*INLG
bracelet= BRAIFLT
peacetime= PAEFM
monitor= MORNT
device= DWAOIS
0collude= KLAOUD
elusive= LAOUFS
incompetence= IPS
legendary= LAERJD
pardon me= PARM
this off= THOF

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