November 29 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 2, Episode 10

The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 10
make it= MA*IKT
we’ll see= WAO*ELZ
clearance= KLAOERNS
aircraft= AIRK
medevac= MED/VA*K
she remembered= SHERMD
dominoes= DMOENS
Sebastian= SBAFNT
improvising= KBROEFGS
neurologist= NAOURLGT
psychiatrist= SKAOIRKT
pharmacologist= FARM/KO*LGT
pharmaceuticals= FARLS
hypnotherapy= HIP/NOE/THA*ERP
are you ready= R*URD
in it= N*T
patrolman= TRAM
arrhythmia= A/R*IT/YA*
hypotensive= HOIP/TEFNS
anesthesiologist= STHAOELGT
tangent= TANGT
sectors= SERKTS
I’m the= AOIMT
subconscious= SKONS
gave me= GAIFM
Deutsche= DOEFP
what’s happening= WHA*EPGS or WHAEPG
psychopharmaceuticals= SKOE/FA*RLS
naloxone= NA/LOX/O*EN
diazoxide= DAOI/SO*X/AO*ID
to him= TWHIM
what you need to= WHAUFRNTD
coincide= KOINDZ

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