December 1 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 2, Episode 12

The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 12
prognosis= P-G
loathsome= LO*ET/SO*M
spokesman= SPOEM
doomsday= DAOMS/DA*I
U.S. District Court= SDRORT
cargo= KARG
druid= DRAOUD
entity= SB-T
Uber= AO*URB
I don’t need this= YOFRNTS
pathological= PL-L
second floor= S*FL
siege= SAOEJ
jackbooted= JAK/BAO*TD
Chevy= SHEF/YI
Alabama= AL/AL
Tennessee= TEN/TEN
toll booth= TBAO*T
February= FEB
Florida= FLA/FLA
South Dakota= S*D
turtle= TURLT
ideology= YOLG
dyslexia= DIS/LEX/YA*
dyslexic= DIS/LEX/*IK
what have I= WHA*IF
puberty= PAOURBT
reception= REFPGS
ratio= RAIRB
crucible= KRAOUFBL
apostate= A/POS/TA*IT
parka= PAR/KA*
Dendrobium= DEN/DROB/Y*UM
betrayals= BRAELS
backup= BUP
prophesy= PROFZ
splendid= SPLEND
Potomac= PA/TOE/MA*K
friendships= FROIPS

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