January 11 2020

Briefs and Phrases From Just Mercy (Part 2)

Scene From Just Mercy
no contest= NOKT
civil rights= SIRTS
statutes of limitations= STIMS
that good= THAGD
very good= VEGD
as good as= SGAODZ
to give this= TOFGTS
good evening= GAOENG
working for= WOFRG
up or down= POUN
Mobile= MO*EBL
take the stand= TAND
mugshot= MUGT
white girl= WHAOIRL
black man= BLAN
Jackson= JAFN
choir= KHOIR
piano= PAON
baritone= BAR/TO*EN
jury= JIR
sentence= SNENS
community= KMAOUNT
interning= SBERNG
internship= SBERP
defense= D-FNS
scheduled= SK*ELD
yes, sir= YES
no, ma’am= NOM
psychology= SKOLG
murderers= MRURDZ
Alabama= AL/AL
Harvard= HA*FRD
execution= SKAOUGS
rehabilitation= RABLGS
inmates= NAITS
calvary= KAFRL
porch= POFP or POFRP
initiative= NIFRBT
decreed= DRAOED
disarmed= DARMD
chamber= KHAIM
legal= LAOEL
illegal= ILG
disbarred= SDBA*RD
kidnapper= KIRP
rescue= SKWU
thank you so much= THA*UFM
discovery= SKOIFR
transmission= TR-MGS
misconduct= SKUKT
daylight= DAILT
highlighted= HAOILTD
testimony= T-M
gunpoint= G-PT
crime scene= KRAOEN
witness= W-NS
prosecution= PR-GS
prosecutor= PR-R
fingerprints= F-PS
evidence= AEFD
Houston= HOUFNT
sheriff= SHR-F
indicted= DAOITD
felon= FLON
transcript= TRIPT
innocent= N-NT
affidavit= AFD
petition= PIRB
physical evidence= FAEFD
thank you, your Honor= THAURN
precautions= PRAUGSZ
circuit court= SKOURT
and they believed= SKPHEBLD
did you ever go= SDUFRG
perjured= P-JD
perjury= PEJ
defense counsel= D-FNL
no further questions= NOFRGS
exculpatory= SKLURPT

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