January 13 2020

Briefs and Phrases From Power: Season 6, Episode 12

Power S6 Ep 12
arrest warrant= ARNT
just a minute= JUFMT
out of your mind= OUFRMD
are you out of your mind= ROUFRMD
where am I= WR*IM
circulating= SL-GT
did you hear= SDHAIR
complicit= KPLIFT
indict= DAOIT
testify= TEF
perjury= PEJ
malfeasance= MAFZ or MAFLZ
prosecutorial= PR-L
trigger= TRIRG
conspiracy= SPIRZ
aiding and abetting= AIBGT
accomplice= KPLIS
affirmative= AFRMT
negative= NEF
autopsy= AUPZ
insulin= SLIN
shooter= SHAORT
concrete= KRET
heart attack= HAURK
anxiety= ANGT
violent= V-LT
violence= V-LS
salon= SLON
strategist= STRAJT
eyewitness= Y-NS
rejected= JEKTD
Congress= KO*NG
democratic= DMAKT
exhumed= XHAOUMD
expedite= SKPAOIT
take the stand= TAND
political= PLIL
same thing= SAIMG
she made= SHEMD
I went to= IFRGTD
gubernatorial= GAOURBLT
nightclub= NAOIBLG
worry about it= WO*IRBT
open this= OEPTS

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