January 15 2020

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 3, Episode 16

The Blacklist Season 3 Episode 16
taking care= TA*ERK
taking care of= TA*EFRK
good point= GAOPT
Percocet= PERK/S*ET
Twinkies= TW*ING/Y*IS
pneumatic= NAOU/MA*KT
post office= POFS
libraries= LAOIRBS
eccentric= AOE/STR*IK
hobbyist= HOIBT
Budapest= BAOUD/P*EFT
deliberate= DLIBT
negligence= NEJS
midnight= MAOID
Tripoli= TRIP/O*E/LI
airline= AIRL
airlines= AIRLS
Honda= HOND/A*
Chevy= SHEF/YI
diplomatic= DPLOEKT
Korean= KRAEN
Oldsmobile= OLDZ/MO*EBL
foreseeable= FOEFRBL or FOEFBL
Tampa= TAFRP/A*
cargo= KARG
patriotic= PROIKT
habeas corpus= HAIRBS
penetrate= PRAINT
accelerant= SLERNT
ancestors= AN/S*EFRTS
chit= KHIT
chiropractor= KHAOIRT
futon= FAOU/TO*N
Prague= PRAUG
how do you want= HAOUPT
above and beyond= BOFND
irrelevant= IRT

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