January 16 2020

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 3, Episode 17

The Blacklist Season 3 Episode 17
cancellation= KAELGS
aisle= AOIL
New Jersey= NAOURJ
turnpike= TURN/PAO*IK
bouquet= BAOU/KA*I
daisies= DAIZ/Y*IS
peonies= PAOE/O*E/NAO*ES
convoy= KWOI
this is about= TH-FB
torture= TAOURT
hull= HUL
radiation= YAEGS
cask= KAFK
isotope= AOIS/TO*EP
lobster= LOB/ST*ER
specialist= SPIFT
parking lot= PROT
affirmative= AFRMT
peeved= PAOEFD
decoy= DAOE/KOI
reliable= RAOIBL
what I said= WHAIDZ
contingent= TIJ
overpass= AUFRPS
to ask you= TO*UFK
fundamentally= FLENL
I recognize= AOIRKZ
flatbed= FLAT/B*ED
feint= FA*INT
grocery store= GROIRT
tulips= TAOU/L*IPS
under any circumstances= UNS

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