February 13 2020

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 4, Episode 8

Blacklist Season 4 Episode 8
call it= KA*ULT
incendiaries= IN/SEND/A*ERS
I couldn’t do= YUD
sedan= SDAN
medical care= MAERK
I don’t believe you= Y*OUBL
Draconian= DRA/ KOEN/YA*N
erudite= ER/DAO*IT
déjà vu= DAIFJ
hematologist= HAOEM/TO*LGT
hospice= HOS/P*IS
remission= RAOEMGS
prosecuting= PR-G
prosecting attorney= PROERN
never mind= NEFRMD
locksmith= LOK/SM*IT
pain management= PAIMGT
membership= MOIP
adrenergic= AD/NERJ/*IK
tachycardiac= TAK/YI/KA*RKD
telematics= TEL/MA*KTS
exhilaration= S*ILGS

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