February 23 2020

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 4, Episode 14

Blacklist Season 4 Episode 14
all these= AULZ
gander= GARND
Cortina= KOR/TAOE/NA*
avalanche= AF/LAN/*FP
Brazilian= BRANLZ
Caravaggio= KAR/VAJ/YO*E
arbitrary= AERBT
euchre= AOU/K*ER
spoofing= SPAOFG
proprietary= PROIRPT
browbeat= BROU/BAO*ET
and you can= SKPUK
transmitting= TR-PLGT
Jenkins-Fowler= JEN/K*INS/FO*URL
Whitney= WHIT/NAO*E
Pompidou= POFRP/DAO*U
Virginia= VA/VA
death row= DROE
Perkins= PER/K*INS
gasoline= GAFNL
equivocation= AOE/KWIFBGS
tedious= TAOED/Y*US
spaghetti= SPAEGT
catastrophically= STROFBLG

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