February 24 2020

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 4, Episode 15

Blacklist Season 4 Episode 15
toxicologist= TOX/KO*LGT
apothecary= A/PO*T/KA*ER
aneurysm= AN/R*IFM
firebombed= FAOIR/BO*MD
life support= LORT
triage= TRAOE/A*J
comatose= KMAT
anaphylaxis= AN/FA/LAX/*IS
antigenic= AOINT/JEN*IK
Sarasota= SAR/SOE/TA*
phantom= FAOMT
sedated= SDAITD
lepidopterology= LEP/DOP/T*ERLG
nonprofits= N-PZ
corticosteroids= KORT/KOE/ST*ERDZ
bronchodilator= BRO*NG/DAOI/LA*IRT
titan= TAOIT/A*N
across the= KRAOTS
conspirator= SKPIRT
attempted murder= TMURD
toxicology= TOX/KO*LG
peptide= PEP/TAO*ID
krait= KRAO*IT
reptile= REP/TAO*IL
Scranton= SKRAN/TO*N
serpentarium= SER/PEN/TAIR/Y*UM
balloons= BLAONS
papaya= PA/PAOI/YA*
yoga= YOEG
beluga= BA/LAOU/GA*
caviar= KAF/YA*R

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