March 22 2020

Briefs and Phrases From The Office: Season 1, Episode 6

The Office Season 1 Episode 6
affirmative= AFRMT
incentive= SNEFNT
Mets= METS
salesmen= SMEN
motivates= MOEFTS
burgers= BRURGS
vendors= V*ERNDZ
hallway= WLAI
businessman= BAM
subscribe= SKRIB
articles= ARLS
profile= PROIL
Phoenix= FAO*ENGS
other side= OERDZ
of this= -FTS
coffee= KO*EF
bring it= BR*INGT
clientele= KLAOINLT
romances= ROEMSZ
relationship= ROIP
origins= AURJZ
briefcases= BRAOEFKSZ
giggle= GILG
guzzled= GULDZ
Starbucks= STAR/B*UKS
digital= DIJT
barista= BA/RAOES/TA*
cocaine= KOIK
folders= FOERLDZ
inferior= FAOR
futon= FAOU/TO*N
best friends= BEFRNDZ
to ask= TOFK
what colors= WHARLS
charcoal= KHAR/KO*EL
passenger’s= PA*ERNGS
tattoos= TAOUTS
imperative= KBRAFT
symmetrical= SMERBLGT

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