March 29 2020

Briefs and Phrases From The Office: Season 2, Episode 5

The office season 2 episode 5
Halloween= HAL/WAO*EN
as soon as possible= SNOP
papier-mâché= PAIRP/MA/SHA*I
catalog= KALGT
cobwebs= KO*B/W*EBS
soccer= SKER
budget= BUJT
sabotage= SBAUJ
walnuts= WAL/N*UTS
exceed= XAOED
supplement= SPLEMT
loyalty= LOILT
incompetence= IPS
let me know= LEN
Maryland= MAERLD
torturing= TAOURGT
budgetary= BUJT/TA*ER
shovel= SHOFL
Janet= JANT
Jackson= JAFN
last year= LAFR

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