March 30 2020

Briefs and Phrases From The Office: Season 2, Episode 6

The Office Season 2 Episode 6
funny= FOIN
punished= P-RBD
warmer= WRARM
discounts= SKOUNTS
back to= BAKTD
last place= LAFPLS
sempai= SEM/PAO*I
sensei= SEN/SA*I
purple= P*URPL
procrastinate= PROE/KRAFNT
cretin= KRAOE/T*IN
overnight= AUFRNT
contact= KAKT
tornado= TORND
arigato= AR/GOT/TO*E
cursive= KUFRS
best friends= BEFRNDZ
dentist= D-NTS
are you sure= RUZ
blood pressure= BLAOPS
obesity= O/BAOEFT
Samurai= SAM/RAO*I
absorbed= SORBD
dojo= DOE/JO*E
carpools= KAR/PAO*LS
I recognize= AOIRKZ
discipline= SPLIN
stomach= STUM
kidney= KAOEND
technique= NAOEK
gentlemen= JE
footage= FAOJ
I don’t care= YOK
probationary= PRAIBGS/NA*ER

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