March 31 2020

Briefs and Phrases From The Office: Season 2, Episode 7

The Office Season 2 Episode 7
county= KOINT
golf= GOFL
editor= YIRT
background= BAUGD
fiancé= FAOENS
delegate= DELGT
adios= AD/YO*S
talk about it= TA*UBT
awesome= AUFM
data= DAT
transcript= TRIPT
naval= NAFL
screenplay= SKRAOEN/PLA*I
how long is= HOUNGS
proctologist= PROK/TO*LGT
doing this= DOGTS
warehouse= WROUS
between us= TWUS
babyback= BAEB/BA*K
nonsense= NAUNS
Oklahoma= O*EK
millimeter= MIRMT
United States= UNTS
oops= AOPS
take care of= TAEFRK
complainer= KPLAIRN
it really is= T*RLS
parking lot= PROT
accident report= SDRORP
did you do= SD*ULGTS
thoughtful= THOUF
register= REJ
candlelight= KANLT or KANLTD

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