May 20 2020

Briefs and Phrases From The Office: Season 3, Episode 18

The Office Season 3 Episode 18
agoraphobic= A/GOR/FO*EK
consternation= STERNGS
disgruntled= SGRUNLTD
I don’t mean to= YOMTD
citizens= SISZ
bobble= BOBL
distress= SDRES
I cannot believe= YA*BL
describe it= SDRAO*IBT
Wikipedia= WIK/PAOED/YA*
irrelevant= IRT
discharged= DARJD
perpetrators= PRERPTS
rendering= RERNG
I can’t imagine= YAJ
milkshake= MIBLG/SHA*IK
mysterious= STRAOERBS
out of your mind= OUFRMD
good point= GAOPT
compensated= KP*END
hear about this= HAERBTS
overpaid= AUFRPD
fourteen= FOURN
nickels= NIBLGS
in person= KBERN
human being= HAOUB
overnight= AUFRNT
salary= SAL
earrings= AOERNGS
I don’t get= YOGT
police department= PLEPT
citizenship= SOIP
policeman= PLAM
tactical= TABLGT
negotiation= GOERBGS
back and forth= BO*RT
historical= HIFLT
defender= D-FR
hero= HOER

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