May 21 2020

Briefs and Phrases From The Office: Season 3, Episode 19

The Office Season 3 Episode 19
apology= GAOE
incident= DIN
Amish= A/MIRB
birthday= BIRTD
what I do= WHA*ID
what you do= WHA*UD
machine= M-N
upstairs= UPTS
forklift= FORK/L*IFT
license= L-NS
ankle= A*INLG
legitimately= JILT
would you like= WOUBLG
rephrase= RAOEFRZ
carpal tunnel syndrome= KARPLTS
computers= KPAOURTS
sweater= SWAERT
cardigan= KARD/GA*N
seasonal= S-NL
irritability= *IRBLT
heart disease= HARDZ
shenanigans= SHANGDZ
suicide= SWAOID
pamphlet= PAFRPLT
electricity= LEFK
trampoline= TRAFRP/LAO*EN
sew= SWE
depression= DPREFGS
Netflix= NET/FL*IX
comedies= KMAOEDZ
measured= M*URD
drawbridge= DRAU/BR*IJ
adult= DULT
let’s go= L*EGTS
this part= TH*PT
matinée= MAT/NA*I
castle= KAFLT
bouncy= BOINS
present= PRENT
opposite= OPS

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