June 16 2020

Briefs and Phrases From The Office: Season 4, Episode 2

The Office Season 4 Episode 2
what’s this= WHAETS
affection= FAEBGS
memo= MOEM
capacity= KPAFT
straighter= STRAIRT
garbage= GARJ
what happens= WHAPS
beard= BERD
at you= TU
do you understand= DOUNDZ
campaign= KPAIN
website= WAOIT
massive= MAFS
sleeker= SLAOERK
pointless= POINLTS
as fast as= SFAFTS
barbecue= BA*RB/KWAO*U
by the way= BAE
assign= SOIN
salesperson= SPERN
business= BIS
as usual= SAOURB
implementing= KBLEMGT
efficient= FIRBT
Yugoslavia= AOUG/SLAF/YA*
pregnant= PREG
committed= KMITD
noodles= NAOLDZ
cauliflower= KAUL/YI/FLO*UR
discriminate= SKRIMT
mandatory= MARND
retirement= RIRMT
tutorial= TAOU/TO*RL
illegal= ILG
sure thing= SHAOURNG
ancient= SHENT
Argentina= ARJ/TAOE/NA*
rotary= ROIRT
construction= KRUBGS
technology= T-J
resist= RAOEFT
look forward= LAOFRD
nauseous= NAURBS
mineral= MIRNL
toothbrush= TBRURB
gourmet= GOR/MA*I
receipts= RAOETS
items= AOITS
elevators= L-FRTS
yes it is= Y*ETS
essence= SEFNS
highlight= HAOILT
satellite= SAELT
sandwich= SDWIFP
awesome= AUFM
lifestyle= LAOIFLT
macadamia= MAK/DAIM/YA*
focaccia= FOE/KAFP/YA*
business relationship= BROIP
logo= LOEG
elaborate= LAEBT
allergic= LERJ
shortcut= SHORKT
window= WID
U-turn= TAOURN
leeches= LAOEFPS
rental= RENLT
at a time= TAIT
like this= LAOIKTS
disaster= SDA*S
cell phone= SLOEN
I like it= AO*IBLGT
turtles= TURLTS
inventions= KB-FNSZ
haircut= HAIRKT

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