July 17 2020

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 7, Episode 13

The Blacklist Season 7 Episode 13
beg your pardon= BURPD
generators= JAIRTS
just a minute= JUFMT
Digimarc= DIJ/YI/MA*RK
what’s happening= WHAEPG
data= DAT
Virginia= VA*
Maryland= MAERLD
foreign= FOERN
entity= SB-T
contrarian= KRAIRN
extremist= STREFMT
airplane= AIRP
skydiving= SKAOI/DAO*IFG
police report= PLORP
backups= BUPS
outage= OUJ
explosion= SPLOEGS
sabotage= SBAUJ
metadata= MET/DA*T
battery= BRAET
Tokyo= TOEK/YO*E
clerical= KLERBLG
error= ROR
Houston= HOUFNT
Scranton= SKRA*NT
Pennsylvania= PA*
balloon= BLAON
tritium= TRAOIT/Y*UM
dividends= DIFNDZ
dealership= DLERP
facility= FAEFLT
Trojan= TROEJ
vicuna= VA/KAOUN/A*
merino= MA/RAOEN/O*E
auto= AOT
vehicle= VAOEK
delivery= DLOIFR
Newton= NAOUNT
lithotripsy= L*IT/O*E/TRIPS/YI
blackmail= BLAIL
Annapolis= A/NAP/L*IE
blood vessels= BLAOFLS
perforated= PEFR/RA*ITD
city council= STOUNL
slippery= SLOIRP
angioplasty= AJ/YOE/PLA*EFT
arteries= AERTS
recovery= ROIFR
aneurysm= AN/R*IFM
hemorrhage= HAERJ
kidney= KAOEND
rookie= ROIK
psychological= SKL-L
contestant= KEFNT
hearing aid= HAERGD
Surgeon General= SURNG
anxiety= ANGT
adrenaline= DRENL
blood pressure= BLAOPS
cortisone= KORT/SO*EN
mechanical= M-BLG
engineer= GER
acoustic= A/KAOUFKT
in the first place= N-FRPLS
nuisance= NAOUFNS
annoyance= NOINS
sciatica= SAOIKT/A*
Mercedes= MERDZ
tithing= TAO*IGT
sedan= SDAN
Pegasus= PEG/S*US
attorney general= TOERNG
Alaska= AK/AK
right thing= RAOING
radioactive= RAOFKT
hydride= HAOI/DRAO*ID
isotope= AOIS/TO*EP

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