July 22 2020

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 7, Episode 14

The Blacklist - Season 7
cargo= KARG
Nordic= NORKD
Norway= NOR/WA*E
Bergan= BERNG
otherwise= OERZ
inherit= KBHERT
blood sample= BLAOFRPL
triangle= TRAOINL
Alaska= AK/AK
Juneau= JAOU/NAO*U
Anchorage= A*ING/RA*J
popular= POP
popularity= POPT
authorization= THORGS
Wasilla= WA/SIL/A*
chalet= SHA/LA*I
forensics= FRENSZ
defunct= DPUNGT
pharmaceuticals= FARLS
is it going= ST-G
is it going to= ST-GTD
smuggled= SMULGD
ambergris= AM/BER/GR*IS
divulge= DWULG
foothills= FAOT/H*ILS
feisty= FAOIFT
correctional= KREBLGS
FBI agent= FWIGT
shiozake= SHAOE/O*E/SA*/KA*I
in order= NORD
bumpy= BOIFRP
sort of= SO*FRT
right to remain silent= R-RS

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