February 8 2021

Briefs and Phrases From WandaVision: Season 1, Episode 3

WandaVision Season1 Episode 3
macramé= MAK/RA/MA*I
who are you= WHO*UR
expectations= XEXZ
complications= KPLIXZ
pregnant= PREG
pregnancy= PREGZ
overnight= AUFRNT
pear= PA*ER
papaya= PA/PAOI/YA*
fruitless= FRAOUT/-LS or FRAOULTS
hypothetically= H-PLT
honey dew= HOIN/DWE
Braxton-Hicks= BRAX/TON/H*IKS
benchmarks= BEFP/MA*RKS
fairness= FAIRNS
good time= GAOMT
look at me= LAOKMT
hiccups= HIK/JUPS
push= PURB
measure= MUR
pink= P*ING
blue= BLU
Bermuda= BERMD
angle= AENL
I can’t tell= YALT
worry about= WOIRB
Shakespeare= SHAIKS/SPAO*ER
prepared= PRAOEPD
earrings= AOERNGS
what you mean= WHAUM
are you alright= RURLT
contractions= KRAXZ
do you need= DOUFRN
approximately= P-L
bingo= BING/O*E
yes, you can= Y*UK
this time= TH-MT
symbol= SBOL

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