November 10 2016

Briefs And Phrases From Ant Man

ant-manhope= HOEP
attempt= TAEMT
nerve= NEFRB
instructed= STRUKTD
particle= PARL
science= SAOINZ
research= REFO
ferocity= FER/RO*FT
mention= MENGS
you said= UDZ
tender= TERND
formula= FLA
building= BL-G
scientists= SAOINTS
long time= LONGT
unless= N-LS
left side= L-DZ
goodbye= GAOIB
what do you think= WHAOUNG
definitely= DAFL
deported= DPORTD
I needed= IFRND
introduce= TROU
really= R-L
daughter= DAUR
electrical= LEBLG
engineering= GERG
burger= BRURG
always= AULS
I’m sorry= AOIMS
grand larceny= GLARS
thank you= THAUNG
what you did= WHA*UD
I know= AO*IN
I can’t really= YA*RL
violent= V-LT
off the= OFT
pretend= PREND
they find= THEFND
waffle= WAFL
robbery= ROIB
technically= TLEBLG
millions= M-LS
system= ST-M
transfers= TR-FRS
what do you want= WHAOUPT
perhaps= PRAPS
suffice= SFAOIS
good morning= GORNG
invitation= VAOIGS
occasion= KAEFN
retirement= RIRMT
mentor= MERNT
immediately= MAOELD
distance= SDANS
density= D*ENTS
insect= SNEKT
ultimate= ULT
silly= SLI
legend= LEJD
material= TAOERL
shrink= SR*ING
distinguished= GIRBD
altering= ARLGT
freedom= FRAOEM
openly= OEPL
conflict= KIKT
assault= SAULT
surveillance= SWAINS
industrial= STRIL
vessel= VEFL
enemies= NAOEMS
conversation= KFRGS
secrets= SKRETS
we have= WEF
dangerous= DAIJS
entirely= SBAOIRL
what time= WHAOIM
child support= KHORT
ugly= OIG
can I go= KIG
birthday= B*IRTD
fiancé= FAOENS
provide= PROI
so much= SOFP
I want= IPT
to be= TOB
apartment= PARMT
visitation= VIFGS
unfortunately= UFRNLT
nature= NAUR
I don’t think= YONG
you understand= UNDZ
forgiveness= FRIFNS
genius= JAOENZ
failures= FLURS
maybe= MAEB
party= PAERT
tell me= TLM
I just= IJT
Details= SDAILS
basement= BAEFMT
thieving= THAOEFS
signal= SNAL
distress= SDRES
to happen= TO*P
alarm= LARM
fingerprint= F-P
necessarily= NEFL
triggered= TRIRGD
serious= SAOERZ
ocean= OEGS
mechanism= MEFM
did you say= SDUS
motorcycle= MOIK
commence= KMENS
experiment= XERMT
reduction= RUX
technology= T-J
results= RULTS
negative= NEF
subject= SUBT
weird= WERD
wonder= WURND
who said= WHODZ
in this case= NIK
water= WAURT
tougher= TUFR
arrest= AR
rooting= RAOGT
visitor= VIFRT
lawyer= LAUR
how do you know= HAOUN
prison= PRIS
I don’t understand= YOND
first place= FIRPS
confused= KWAOUFD
left hand= L-ND
perimeter= PRIRMT
associates= SOERBTS
central= STRAL
thorax= THORX
police car= PLIR
snooze= SNAOZ
button= BON
hello= HO*EL
standing= STANG
last time= LAFMT
index= SBEX
downstairs= DOUNTS
at a time= TAIT
we need= WEFRN
we can= WEK
effort= EFRT
arrested= ARD
anxious= ANGS
to do= TAOD
opposite= OPS
would you like= WOUBLG
freezing= FRAOEGZ
particularly= PLARL
clever= KLEFR
business= BIS
sugar= SHURG
cooperate= KAOPT
stimulate= STLAIT
relative= REFLT
wow= WO*U
assistant= SIFNT
brilliant= BRIL
rumors= RAOURMS
conspired= SKPAOIRD
deciding= SDAOIGD
specialized= SPERBLDZ
chemistry= KHEM
dinner= DIRN
first time= FIRMT
presently= PRENLT
chaos= KHAOS
reality= RAELT
footage= FAOJ
facility= FAELT
you think= AOUNG
I can’t= YA
Option= OPGS
Lost= LO*S
Disappointment= SPOIMT
too late= TAOLT
this is= TH-S
relationship= ROIP
harnesses= HARNSZ
emerge= MAOERJ
useless= AOUFLS
inch= N-FP
in other words= NOERDZ
forward= FAORD
compromised= KPROMD
irrelevant= IRT
forever= FOFR
greatest= GRAEFT
electricity= LEFK
electronics= TRO*NGS
isolated= SOELTD
security guard= SGARD
access= SKES
diameter= DAOIRMT
centimeters= SMAOERTS
backup= BUP
ideal= YAOEL
practice= PRA
evolved= EFLD
shortcuts= SHORKTS
focus= FOEKS
without= WOUT
neighborhood= NAEBD
do you think= DOUNG
I didn’t see= YIZ
peace= PAES
precise= PRAOIF
wasp= WA*FP
regret= GRET
United States= UNTS
internal= SBERNL
mechanics= M-KS
disarm= DARM
sustain= STAEN
I could= IKD
I didn’t mean= YIM
awesome= AUFM
incursion= KBURGS
stealth= ST*ELT
flannel= FLANL
counteract= KRAKT
area= AER
disengage= SGAEG
warehouse= WROUS
abort= BORT
appreciate= PRAOERBT
visual= VIRBL
inside= N-DZ
important= PORN
irresponsible= IRBL
jeopardized= JEPDZ
compliment= KPLIMT
front door= FRAOR
billion= B-L
did you see= SDUZ
too much= TAOFP
contempt= KEMT
senile= SAOENL
exterior= XAOR
senility= SAOENLT
welcomed= WEMD
machine= M-N
relax= RAEK
handle= HANL
credentials= KRENLS
amazing= MAEGS
shoulder= SHOURLD
uniform= UFRM
excited= XAOITD
girlfriend= GOIF
nervous= NEFS
ma’am= MAM
sector= SERKT
utilities= AOULTS
I don’t remember= YORM
unfortunate= UFRNT
problem= BLEM
charges= KHARJS
out of the= OUFT
wait a minute= WAIMT
radio= RAO
backyard= BARD
desist= DAOEFT
little= LIL
mistakes= MAEKS
behind= HIND
something else= S-LGS
comprehend= KPREN
this happen= TH-P
what happened= WHAPD
awkward= AURKD
practicing= PRAG
magic= MIJ
pretty= PRIT
bartender= BAERND
specific= SPEFK
realized= RAELDZ
destroy= STROI
power= POUR

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