May 15 2017

Briefs And Phrases From Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures

prime= PRAOIM
West Virginia= W-F/W-F
collegiate= KLAOEJT
institute= SNAOUT
is the= S-T
in the= N-T
school= SKAOL
isosceles= AOI/SOS/LAO*ES
scalene= SKAI/LAO*EN or SKAINL
equilateral= AOEK/LA*RL or KWAL/LA*RL
rhombus= ROM/B*US
trapezoid= TRAP/SO*ID
Katherine= KA*T/R*IN
tetrahedron= TET/TRA/HED/DRO*N
dodecahedron= DOE/DEK/A/HAOE/DRO*N
scholarship= SKLARP
equation= KWAEGS
on the= ONT
collection= KLEX
Coleman= KOEL/MA*N
more than= MORN
product= PROUKT
common sense= KMONZ
zero= S*ER
quadratics= KWA/DRA*KTS
that side= THADZ
of the= -FT
equal= KWAL
straightforward= STRAIFRD
in all= NAUL
hurry= HUR
you have= UF
to go= TOG
I got= *IGT
you’re welcome= YOURM
hitchhike= HIFPK
button= BON
behind= HIND
disrespectful= SDR-PT
officer= OIFR
program= PRAM
women= WIM
Russians= RURB/YA*N
gentlemen= JE
country= KUNT
service= SEFS
I think= AOING
bypass= BIPS
escort= SKOERT
thank you= THAUNG
quiet= KWAET
police officer= PLOIFR
highway= HOI
Hampton= HAFRP/To*N
Virginia= VA/VA
exactly= XL-KT
approaching= PROEFPG
Mr. President= MR-PT
is this= STH-
certainly= SERNL
traveler= TRAFRL
sustained= STAEND
human= HAOUM
mannequin= MAN/KW*IN
thermonuclear= THERM/O*E/NAOUK/KLAO*ER
warhead= WAR/H*ED
megaton= MEG/A/TO*N
Des Moines= DA/MO*IN or DA/MO*INS
jump= JUFRP
engineer= GER
what he meant= WHAEMT
to say dangerous= TO*S
satellite= SAT/LAO*IT
planet= PLAENT
pictures= PIRS
immediate= MAOED
response= SPONS
matter= MAERT
justify= JUF
administrator= MR-R
machine= M-N
enlighten= KBLAOINTD
I need= IFRN
mathematician= MA*T/T*IGS
request= KW-
single= SINL
building= BL-G
analytic= AN/LIT/*IK
geometry= GAOE/OM/TRAO*E
something else= S-LGS
person= PERN
moon= MAON
ladies= LAEDZ
assignment= SOINT
data= DAT
reduction= RUX
ideas= Y-DZ
initials= NIRBS
international= SBAL
business= BIS
magnetoplasma= MANGT/O*E/PLAZ/MA*
dynamics= DAO*INGS
no, ma’am= NOM
present= PRENT
prototype= PROET/TAO*IP
mercury= MERK/RAO*E
permanent= PERM
serious= SAOERZ
inside= N-DZ
I’m sorry= AOIMS
all right= L-RT
supporting= SPORG
this morning= THORNG
computer= KPAOURT
temporary= TRAER
credentials= KRENLS
if I could= FIKD
politics= PLIKS
supervisor= SPR-FR
position= POGS
official= FIRBL
I don’t know= YON
I didn’t= YAOI
we need= WEFRN
almost= L-M
year= Y-R
advancement= VAMT
trajectory= J*ERKT or TRA/JEK/TO*ER
tunnel= TUNL
minute= MIN
alter= ARLT
exterior= XAOR
smooth= SMAO*T
corrugated= KOR/GA*ITD
stability= STABLT
capsule= KP-FL
erosion= AOE/RO*EGS
conclusion= KL*UGS
area= AER
closest= KLOEFT
emptied= EMTD
custodian= KUD/YA*N
million dollar= M-LD
friction= FRIX
temperature= TEM
constant= SKANT
consider= K-R
yes= YE
rivets= RIF/*ETS
entertain= SBAIN
spaceship= SPAIS/SH*IP or SPAIS/SH-P
impossible= KBONB
let me ask you= SKLOU
director= DRERKT
research= REFP
calculations= KLAIGSZ
dozen= DOZ
colored= KLORD
embarrass= KBRAS
excuse me= SKAOUM
shingles= SHINLGS
status= STAUS
yes, sir= YES
Frenet= FREN/*ET
Schmidt= SM*ITD
orthogonalization= OR/THOE/GON/LA/SA*IGS
algorithm= AL/GA/R*IMT
Euclidean= AOU/KLID/YA*N
coordinates= KAORNTS
on this floor= O*FL
pretty= PRIT
reasonable= R-NL
children= KHIRN
advertised= TAOIFD
problem= BLEM
no, sir= MOS
numbers= NUBS
classified= KLAFD
clearance= KLAOERNS
absolutely= SLUL
bathroom= BARM
have you been= VUB
are you= RU
yesterday= YED
to be= TOB
that’s right= THAERT
so you can= SOUK
insult= SNULT
obsolete= OBS/LAO*ET
beyond= YOND
questions= KWES
on the ground= O-G
circling= SL-G
earth= *ERT
can I go= KIG
you can= UK
hours= HOURS
abused= BAOUFD
complained= KPLAIND
responsibility= SPONLT
and you know= SKPUN
respect= R-PT
dashboard= DBAORD
living room= LIFRM
salty= SALT/YI
authority= THORT
music= MAOUK
good night= GAOIT
baby= BAEB
national= NAL
promotion= PROEMGS
challenge= KHAL
asleep= SLAEP
herself= HERZ
I understand= INDZ
dishes= DIRBS
never mind= NEFRMD
long time= LONGT
I have= IF
ago= AG
with the= W-T
all the= AULT
we have= WEF
attack= TW-K
scrunched= SKRUFPD
practice= PRA
safety= SAIFT
did you= SDU
freedom= FRAOEM
unit= AOUNT
I just= IJT
I don’t understand= YONDZ
female= FAEL
apply= PLAIO
demanded= DMAND
slogans= SLOENGS
achieve= KHAEF
interrupting= SBRUPGT
vegetables= VEJS
degrees= DREZ
civil rights= SIFRLTS
he is= ES
commanding= KMANG
I will= IL
at you= TU
I am= IM
would he be= WOUB
widow= DWO
let me= LEM
pastor= PAFRT
calculate= KLAIT
what I mean= WHAIM
what do you mean= WHAOUM
Johnson= JOFN
have you= VU
analyze= NALZ
manometer= MAN/MAO*ERT
displacement= DPLAIFMT
velocity= VOFT
cosine= KOE/SAO*IN
navy= NAEF
pilot= PAOILT
pilots= PAOILTS
requirement= RAOIRMT
ogling= OG/LING
hello= HO*EL
refrigerator= FRIR
how much= HOUFP
confirm= K-FRM
department= D-PT
it happen= T-P
afraid= FRAID
actually= TWAEL
hammer= HAERM
batch= BAFP
mainframe= MAIN/FRA*IM
fraction= FRAX
is that correct= STHARK
I said= IDZ
orbital= ORB/TA*L
with this= W-TS
distance= SDANS
weight= WAET
did the= SD-T
Atlas= TLAS
issue= IRB
along= LAONG
thank you, sir= THANGS
interrogation= SBROEGS
to do= TAOD
ourselves= OURSZ
valuable= VABL
commission= KMIGS
qualified= Q-FD
applicant= PLINT
educational= JAEL
science= SAOINZ
university= AOUFRT
addendum= A/DEN/D*UM
follow= FOL
circumstances= SIRKS
available= VAIBL
segregated= SGRAITD
education= JAEGS
to get= TO*GT
twirl= TWIRL
contests= KEFTS
segregation= SGRAIGS
must have= MUF
book= BAOK
books= BAOKS
section= S-X
separate= SPRAIT
library= LAOIB
Fortran= FOR/TRA*N
future= FAOURT
exciting= XAOIGT
surprise= SPRAOIS
invited= VAOITD
to see= TOZ
I believe= AOIBL
can I= KI
of course,= -FX
imagine= MAJ
musical= MAOUBLG
agency= AEG
completed= KPLAOETD
station= STAIGS
details= SDAILS
curve= KUFRB
conclusively= KL*UFL
awarded= WAURD/-D
triumph= TRAOIM
crushing= KRURBG
what I= WHAI
anxious= ANGS
ourself= OURZ
anybody= NIB
to believe= TOBL
technology= T-J
I don’t know= YON
is that= STHA
possible= POB
we can= WEK
this is= TH-S
forward= FAORD
paychecks= PAIKS
everyone else= EFRNLS
selector= SLERKT
courtroom= KRAOM
processing= PROS/-G
multiplication= MULT/KA*IGS
eventually= VAENL
out of= OUF
storage= STORJ
device= DWAOIS
updated= PAITD
imagination= MAJS
to the= TOT
forty= FOURT
what do you do= WHAOU
there is= THR-S
bathrooms= BARMS
campus= KPUS
half= HAF
away= WA*I
did you know= SDUN
Timbuktu= TIM/BUK/TAO*U
uniform= UFRM
coffee= KO*EF
restroom= STRAOM
If I have= F*IF
restrooms= STRAOMS
flu= FLU
systems= ST-MS
sequence= SKWENS
Roger= ROJ
ignition= IG/N*IGS
switching= SWIFPG
manual= MANL
governed= GOFRND
hostile= HOFL
banner= BAERN
beforehand= B-FRND
is that= STHA
figured= FIGD
attracted= TR-KD
realized= RAELDZ
Birmingham= BIRMG/HA*M
struggle= STRUG
America= MERK
petition= PIRB
attend= TAEND
your Honor= IURN
high school= HAOL
Jackson= JAFN
federal government= FRALG
supreme court= SKORT
if I= FI
approach= PROEFP
bench= BEFP
marine= MRAOEN
governors= GOFRS
American= MERN
consecutive= SKEFKT
do you have= DOUF
what you are= WHAUR
is going= SG-G
wondering= WURNGD
shotgun= SG-N
excellent= XLENT
orbit= ORBT
author= THOR
liberty= LIBT
out of the= OUFT
ocean= OEGS
I can’t= YA
taxpayer= TAERP
money= MUN
discovery= SKOIFR
survival= SWAOIFL
civilization= SIFLGS
senator= SNOR
ensure= KBAOUR
because= BAUS
to tell= TOLT
tell us= TLUS
triangle= TRAOINL
essentially= SERBL
rocket= ROKT
elliptical= AOE/LIPT/KA*L
water= WAURT
speed= SPAOED
that’s right= THAERT
precisely= PRAOIFL
amount= AMT
parabolic= PA/RA/BL*IK
gravity= GRA*FT
exact= X-KT
launch= LAUFP
pentagon= PENT/GO*N
recovery= ROIFR
zone= SO*EN
backwards= BAURDZ
briefings= BRAOEFGZ
what kind of= WHAOIFND
window= WID
protocol= PROELT
accounting= K-GT
happening= HAPG
effectively= FEFL
I get= IGT
within= W-N
you are the= URT
pertinent= PERNT
proceedings= PRAORGS
friendship= FROIP
miles per hour= MIRPS
vehicle= VAOEK
argument= GAOUMT
Bahamas= BA/HA/MA*S
theory= THAOER
information= N-FGS
descent= SDENT
angle= AENL
sine= SAO*IN
assuming= SAOUMG
manpower= MAN/PO*UR
understood= NAOND
any of= NIF
temporarily= TRAERL
dissolving= SDOFLG
accepting= SEPG
ready= R-D
they can= THEK
pencil= PEFNL
tonight= TONT
Einstein= AOIN/STAO*IN
wavelength= WAF/L*ENG
relationships= ROIPS
teaching= TAOEFPG
mathematic= MA*KT
mathematics= MA*KTS
mathematical= MA*BLGT
theoretically= THAOER/KLI
Euler’s= AOU/L*ER/AES
method= MEF
ancient= SHENT
numerically= NAOURBLG/LI
today= TOD
always= AULS
capacity= KPAFT
mechanics= M-KS
learning= LERNG
decision= SDIGS
birthday= B*IRTD
good evening= GOENG
marry= MAER
something= S-G
backups= BUPS
site= SAO*IT
schedule= SKELD
modifications= MOIFGSZ
company= K-P
included= KLUD
maybe= MAEB
insisting= KBIFGT
thank you, sir= THAUNGS
about this= B-TS
engaged= GAEGD
thoughtful= THOUF
wedding= WEGD
first time= FIRMT
nervous= NEFS
messenger= MEFRJ
mythology= M*IT/THO*LG
honest= HONS
verify= VOIF
formula= FLA
historic= HIFKY
canceled= KAELD
complications= KPLIXZ
optimistic= OPT/M*IFKT
weather= WHR*
delay= DLAI
anticipation= PAEGS
indicate= KAIT
behalf= BAF
reservation= REFRX
colonel= KOL
paramount= PAR/MO*UNT
nation= NAIGS
longitude= LONG/TAO*UD
match= MAFP
manage= MANG
decimal= DES/MA*L
digit= DIJ
resumed= RAOUMD
tremendous= TRE
and a half= NAF
African= FRIN
Zanzibar= SA*N/SA*/BA*R
warning= WARNG
it will= T-L
package= PAJ
jettisoned= JET/SO*ND
switch= SWIFP
copy= KPAOE
do you think= DOUNG

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