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Sep 26

Medical Monday: The Bones, Muscles, And Joints Of The Arm

Aug 31

Medical Monday: Medical Terminology Introduction Lesson (Prefixes, Root Words, Suffixes)

Dec 23

Medical Monday: Gastr/o Words, Hepat/o Words, and More

This video is great for becoming familiar with the pronunciations and meanings of medical words and word parts. It is also great for dictionary building. Here are some briefs from the video: gastritis= SGRAOITS or GAS/TRAOITS gastromegaly= GAS/TROE/MEG/LI or GAS/TROE/MEG/L*I or GAS/TROE/MEG/LAOE or SGROE/MEG/LI or SGROE/MEG/L*I or SGROE/MEG/LAOE gastroma= GAS/TROEM or GAS/TROE/MA or SGROE/MA gastralgia= …

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