March 10 2017

Court Reporter Spotted: Scream Queens- Season 1, Episode 13

Scream Queens Season 1In The court scene, in season’s one final episode of Scream Queens, you can see a court reporter. It looks like she may be using a Stentura. I’ve never seen a court reporter write like this in real life, with their machine with an attached paper tray sitting slanted on top of a desk…I still love seeing court reporters depicted on film though.

Check out the scene below:

I love the fashion on this show. I also love that, in this scene, Billie Lourd replaced her ubiquitous earmuffs with a hairstyle that pays homage to her mom. This show reminds me of Popular. Did anyone else watch that show growing up?

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August 23 2016

Court Reporter Spotted: Closed Circuit

Closed CircuitClosed Circuit is a film that takes place in England. The film contains a scene that gives the viewer a visual of a British courtroom. The scene also shows a court reporter keeping a record of the proceedings.

In addition to the court scene, near the end of the film, the male lead of the movie also says something to his co-star about getting a stenographer to “put it on the record.”

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