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Jul 05

Steno Gadgets & Accessories: Portable Speaker

JBL Charge 3

I love this speaker (JBL Charge 3)! It belongs to my husband, but I’ve been using it more than he has. It’s a great sound booster for my steno dictation when I’m practicing, especially for the takes that are recorded a little low.

Dec 11

Steno Gadgets & Accessories: The Foxy Mouse

Foxy Mouse

A good mouse makes all the difference. Comfort and speed is exponentially greater when using a mouse versus using a laptop mouse pad.

Aug 26

Steno Gadgets & Accessories: Wrist Exerciser

My husband wants to get this contraption for me. However, I already have a wrist exercise regimen as part of my workout that I do with free weights. He’s insisting on it though…It looks very terminator to me. Lol. If I actually do get one, I’ll do a review on it.

Feb 17

Steno Gadgets & Accessories: Laptop Tray

This laptop tray seems interesting. It looks a little shaky at a couple of points in the video. However, I like the versatility of its positioning. I have either this one or a similar one on order as a gift. I’ll do an update on this contraption as soon as I receive my gift and …

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Oct 02

Steno Gadgets & Accessories: Zoom H2 Recorder

Zoom H2

I’ve had this nifty little recorder for quite some time. I used it to record dictation in school. In addition to being a great recorder, the Zoom H2 can also serve as a USB microphone. The Zoom H2 has some handy features such as: Four microphones that can record on two or four channels, an …

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Sep 24

Steno Gadgets & Accessories: Portable Scanner

Xerox Mobile Scanner

I recently bought this very cool portable scanner (Xerox Mobile Scanner SD). It has some great features such as: Allowing you to scan sans a computer hookup or software, scanning PDF and JPEG files to an SD card, and scanning to smart phones. The scanner comes with a padded carrying case, and it’s super light. …

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Aug 20

Steno Gadgets & Accessories: HP LaserJet Pro 400

This is a pretty solid printer, in my opinion.

Jul 26

Steno Gadgets & Accessories: The Difference Between An Omnidirectional & Cardioid Mic

Jul 18

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