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Aug 16

Steno Style: Cat With Glasses

Steno Style Cat With Glasses

Jul 07

Steno Machine Repair: Screen Damage

Stentura Fusion Main Screen

I take very good care of my machine. However, I must have inadvertently hit the screen with something because when I turned my machine on a few days ago, it had the above-pictured damage to the screen. I’m really attached to this machine. It’s the first professional machine that I saw in person. That was …

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Mar 02

The Inventor Of The Lightspeed At The NCRA Convention

I have still not been able to give this writer a test run (the new or the old version). I wonder if this writer would work for someone like me, who is an occasional pounder. The get up and go, without requiring luggage for transportation, makes this setup very, very tempting for me.

Jan 31

Machine Adoration

Machine Adoration

This is the side view of my steno machine:

Feb 24

Steno Machine Case Cover

Hair Cap

One of the steno machines I have has a light-colored carrying case. I noticed how dirty the case can potentially get. My schoolmates who have had the machine longer than I have, have cases that have become a bit weathered looking. If you carry the case hanging from your shouldered, it could also easily become …

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Sep 06

Steno Machine: Passport Touch

I’m looking for the best professional machine to fit my needs. I have a machine, however, I want a backup machine. I am looking for a machine that has a great touch and minimum stacking. Stacking is a big issue, when it comes to realtime. I will be posting information about the research I am …

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May 16

Diamante Unboxing

From time to time I watch unboxing videos when I’m interested in a new electronic device. I found this video on the unboxing of the diamante. I’ve never had a diamante, or a wave, so I can’t personally vouch for this machine; however, I thought that this was a cool video to post. I made …

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