November 6 2017

Briefs And Phrases From National Geographic: Skin

National Geographic Skin
there is= THR-S
inside= N-DZ
itches= IFPS
aches= AEKS
miraculously= MIRBLG/L*UFL
millennia= MA/LEN/YA*
tattoo= TAOUT
amazing= MAEGS
situation= SWAIGS
culture= KLUR
person= PERN
all the= AULT
protects= PROEKTS
unites= YAOINTS
divides= DWAOIDZ
microscopic= MAOIRK/SKO*PK
cellular= SLAOUR
system= ST-M
you= U
navigate= NAFGT
extreme= STREM
customs= KUFMS
culture= KLUR what is= WHAS
ignoring= GORG
hundreds= HUNS
blush= BLURB
matters= MAERTS
consequence= KWENS
beauty= BOIT
morality= MO*RLT
ingredient= GRAOENT
today= TOD
Santa Fe= SANT/FA*I
color= KLOR
between= TWAOEN
flaunt= FLAUNT
event= AOENT
too old= TAOLD
energy= N-RG
personality= PERNLT
idea= Y-D
beautiful= BAOUF
arrested= ARD
supreme court= SKORT
nudity= NAOUTD
modesty= MOD/ST*I or MOD/STAO*E
busy= B-Z
tomorrow= TOM
is it= ST-
organ= GORN
body= BOED
largest= LARJT
primordial= PRAOI/MORD/A*L
oceans= OEGSZ
churned= KHURND
utterly= UT/*ER/LI
has been= HAB
fragile= FRAJ
membranes= MEM/BRA*INS
evolved= EFLD
ingenious= IN/JAOENZ
feathers= F*ERTS
fur= F*UR
flexible= FLEX/-BL
human= HAOUM
version= VERGS
dermal= DERM/A*L
fingers= FIRNGS
toes= TOES
one of= WUFN
everyone’s= *EFRNS
anatomical= AN/TOM/KA*L
surface= SFAS
layer= LAIR
water= WAURT
proof= PRAOF
invader= VAED/*ER
minute= MIN
cell= KREL
factory= FAOKT
epidermal= EP/DERM/A*L
below= BLOE
dermis= DERM/*IS
jungle= JUNG
alien= AIL/Y*EN
planet= PLAENT
blood vessels= BLAOFLS
nutrients= NAOU/TRAOE/*ENTS
nerves= NEFRBS
millions= M-LS
glands= GLANDZ
throughout= THROUT
exquisitely= EX/KWIZ/*IT/LI
sensitive= SNEF
without= WOUT
would be= WOB
impossible= KBOB
complicated= KPLIKTD
ask= SK-
assumption= SUMGS
who you are= WHOUR
are you= RU
Indian= IND/YA*N
as soon as= SNS
Asia= AEZ
India= IND/YA*
thank you= THAUNG
Muslim= MUZ/L*IM
Hinduism= HIN/DAOU/IFM
represent= REP
Hindu= HIN/DAO*U
stereotypes= STERPS
about= B-
who are= WHOR
membrane= MEM/BRA*IN
designed= SDAOIND
nature= NAUR
ensure= KBAOUR
survival= SWAOIFL
intimately= INT/MA*LT
story= STOER
ancient= SHENT
journey= JOIRN
beginning= GING
anatomically= AN/TOM/KLI
thousand= THOU
on the= ONT
adaptions= DAPGSZ
anthropologist= POLGT
question= KWE
originate= AURJT
qualities= KWALTS
detective= DEFKT
important= PORN
evolution= EFLGS
direct= DREKT
fossil= FOFL
evidence= AEFD
Savannah= SA/VAN/NA*
animals= ANLS
to see= TOZ
baboons= BA/BAO*NS
African= FRIN
gentle= JENLT
morning= MORNG
very= VE
rigorous= RIG/R*US
think of= THIF
early= ERL
descendants= SDAENTS
environmental= VAOIRNL
challenges= KHALS
hominids= HOM/N*IDZ
one of the= WUFNT
elements= L-MTS
adaption= DAPGS
what happened= WHAPD
their= THAIR
fairly= FAIRL
primates= PRAOI/MA*ITS
Africa= FRIK
bewildering= BAOE/WIRLD/-G
variety= VAIRT
behind= HIND
pervasive= PAIFS
temperature= TEM
suspicious= SPIRBS
really= R-L
interesting= TR-G
fur= F*UR
comfortable= K-FRBL
conserve= SKEFRB
forging= FORJ/-G
actively= TIFL
million= M-L
years ago= YAOERGS
humans= HAOUMS
roving= ROEFG
hoofing= HAOFG
all of a sudden= AUFLD
ancestors= AN/S*EFRTS
lost= LO*S
millions= M-LS
today= TOD
follicles= FOL/KA*LS
miniaturized= MIN/TUR/AO*IDZ
multiplied= MULT/PLAO*ID
dissipate= SPAET
mammal= MAM/A*L
biological= BL-L
revolution= R-FLGS
forest= FREFT
populate= POPLT
planet= PLAENT
miracle= MIRBLG
sweat= SWET
contract= KR-T
expand= XAND
regulate= RELGT
evaporation= VAPGS
seconds= SEKDZ
fingertip= FIRNGT
below= BLOE
constantly= SKANLT
dispersing= DPEFRG
boiling= BOILG
responds= SPONZ
mysterious= STRAOERBS
touch= TOUFP
baby= BAEB
prematurely= PRAOE/MAURL
Jackson= JAFN
memorial= MAERL
hospital= HOPT
intensive care unit= SBEFKT
intensive care= SBEFK
germ= GERM
isolation= SOELGS
Tiffany= TIF/N*I
career= KRAOER
newborns= NU/BO*RNS
essential= SERB
instinctively= KBINGT/*IFL
babies= BAEBS
orphanages= OFRN/A*JS
when this= WH-TS
weighed= WAED
ounces= OUNSZ
bones= BOENS
path= PA*T
survival= SWAOIFL
elderly= LERLD
society= SOET
strangers= STRAIRNGS
taboo= TAOB
also= L-S
deprived= DPRAOIFD
opportunities= TAOUNTS
certainly= SERNL
inspiration= SNIRGS
recruited= KRAOUTD
massage= MAFJ
experience= XERNS
husband= HUS
percent= PERS
weight= WAET
massaged= MAFJD
advantage= VANG
depression= DPREGS
doctor’s office= DROFS
decreased= SDRAOEFD
simple= SIM
profound= PROFND
effect= FEKT
scientists= SAOINTS
stimulate= STLAIT
ancient= SHENT
brain= BRAIN
encouraging= NURJ/-G
connected= KEKTD
develop= VEL
womb= WAOUM
hand= HAND
mouth= MO*UT
sensation= SENGS
begins= GINS
surface= SFAS
nerve= NEFRB
fibers= FAOIRBS
specialist= SPIFT
signal= SNAL
specific= SPEFK
concert= SKERT
at once= TWUNS
decipher= DAOE/SAOIFR
communicating= KMUNGT
England= ENG/LA*ND
attraction= TR-GS
chemistry= KHEM/STR*I or KHEM/STRAO*E
chemicals= KHEMS
environment= VAOIRMT
perceive= SPAOEF
attractiveness= TR-FK/-NS
doctor= DR-
odors= DOERS
discharged= DARJD
mating= MAIGT
pheromones= FER/MO*ENS
typically= TOIPL
scientist= SAOINT
animals= ANLS
people= PAOEPL
what about= WHAB
saturated= SAT/RA*ITD
male= MAEL
volunteers= VOES
female= FAEL
subjects= SUBTS
knowledge= NOJ
they see= THEZ
video= VAO
choices= KHOISZ
involved= VOFD
computer= KPAOURT
menu= MAOUN
masculine= SKLIN
effeminate= AOE/FEM/NA*T
remarkably= RARK/BLI
latent= LAINT
hidden= H*IND
attracted= TR-KD
studies= STOIS
definitely= DAFL
private= PRAOIFT
to do= TAOD
actually= TWAEL
nervous= NEFS
New Mexico= N-M/N-M
inhibition= KBHIX
plenty= PLENT
very good= V*EGD
kind of= KAOIF
public= PUB
moment= MOEMT
jewelry= JAOUL/RAO*E
whatsoever= WHAOFR
necklaces= NEK/LA*S/-S
eyeglasses= AOILGS
imagine= MAJ
intention= SBENGS
organism= GORN/IFM
identity= AOID
it felt= T-FLT
acre= AIK
idea= Y-D
ancient= SHENT
beginnings= GINGS
there are= THR-R
revered= RA/VAO*ERD
on the= ONT
dye= DAO*I
photographer= FOEFR
Ethiopian= AO*ET/OEP/YA*N
traveled= TRAFLD
cultures= KLURS
practicing= PRAG
decoration= DRAIGS
documenting= DAOUMGT
scarification= SKAR/FA/KA*IGS or SKAR/FA*IGS
North America= NO*RT/MERK
translated= TRALTD
traditional= TRAL
contemporary= KPAER
modern= MOERN
Ethiopia= AO*ET/OEP/YA*
beautiful= BAOUF
endure= SBAOUR
decorative= DRAIFT
many= MAEN
cutting= K*UGT
inflicted= IN/FLIKTD
confers= KWERZ
milk= M*IBLG
honey= HUN/YI
celebration= SBRAIGS
nobody= NOB
ritual= RIFPLT
transition= TRANGS
boy= BOI
across the= KRAOTS
sisters= ST-RS
family= FAEM
do not= DO*NT
battle= BA*LT
person= PERN
commitment= KMIMT
amount= AMT
ceremony= SMOEN
genders= JERNDZ
initiation= NIRBGS
support= SPOR
community= KMAOUNT
passage= PAFJ
canvas= KWAS
express= XREF
myself= MAOIZ
womb= WAOUM
Asian= AIGS
urban= YURB
American= MERN
tattoos= TAOUTS
unit= AOUNT
Massachusetts= MAS/MAS
neighborhood= NAEBD
numerous= NAOURMS
trouble= TRUBL
tat= TA*T
battery= BRAET
guitar= GA/TA*R
uncommon= UN/KMON
Cambodian= KAM/BOED/YA*N
enclave= AON/KLAIF
Boston= BOFNT
years old= YAOERLDZ
parents= PARNTS
violence= V-LS
1970s= NEFNDZ
traumatic= TRAUMT
children= KHIRN
to find= TOFND
Cambodia= KAM/BOED/YA*
family= FAEM
downtown= DWOUN
brother= BROER
who is= WHOS
members= MEBS
common= KMON
somebody= S-B
desires= SDAOIRS
to be= TOB
lasers= LAIRSZ
warning= WARNG
nervous= NEFS
impressed= KBREFD
pulses= PULSZ
injure= JUR
cells= KRELS
tattooing= TAOUGT
amazing= MAEGS
infectious= N-FKT/SH*US
bacteria= BAKT
fluids= FLAOUDZ
blood= BLAOD
migrating= MAOIGT
eventually= VAENL
normal= NOL
blank= BLA*ING
good night= GAOIT
necessary= NES
I am= IM
decades= DAEDZ
patient= PAIRBT
projects= PROJZ
prisons= PRISZ
magnificent= NIFNT
Louisiana= LA/LA
police= PLIS
confusion= KWAOUGS
generation= JAIGS
biologist= BAOILGT
differences= DIFRNSZ
within= W-N
ultraviolet= URLT/VAOI/-LT
radiation= RAID/YA*IGS
millions= M-LS
became= BAIM
vulnerable= VUL/N*ERBL
pigmented= PIG/-MTD
equatorial= EK/TOR/YA*L
melanin= MEL/N*IN
evolutionary= EFLGS/NA*ER
molecule= MOL/KAO*UL
manufactured= M*FD
pigment= PIG/M*ENT
stimulated= STLAITD
sunlight= SUNLT
pumping= PUFRPG
realize= RAELZ
northern= NORN
hemisphere= HEMS/FAO*ER
areas= AERS
equator= AOE/KWAIT/O*R
regions= RAOEJS
from the= FR-T
believes= BLEFS
lighter= LAOIRT
that means= THAMS
adaption= DAPGS
around= ARND
satellite= SAT/LAO*IT
observations= OFRBGSZ
on the ground= OG
earth= *ERT
rendered= RERND/-D
theories= THAOERS
correct= KREKT
reflection= R-FGS
science= SAOINZ
Kenya= KEN/YA*
harmony= HARM/N*I
tropical= TROP/KA*L
contested= KEFTD
terrain= TER/RA*IN
consultant= SKUNLT
crusader= KRAOU/SA*IRD
problems= BLEMS
Mercury= MERK/R*I
alleys= LAELS
laboratories= LABTS
million dollar= M-LD
industry= STRI
she needs= SHEFRNS
vitamin= VAOIMT
bleaching= BLAOEFPG
niacinamide= NAOI/SIN/MAO*ID
although= AOL
educates= JAETS
beauty= BOIT
beautiful= BAOUF
smooth= SMAO*T
maybe= MAEB
painful= PAIFL
toxic= TOX
immune= KBAOUN
organ= GORN
failure= FLUR
enforcement= KBORMT
notice= N-TS
papers= PAIRPS
products= PROUKTS
surprised= SPRAOIFD
prefer= PREFR
married= MAERD
attractive= TR-FK
quality= KWALT
qualifications= KW-FGSZ
emerging= MAOERJ/-G
Kenyan= KEN/YA*N
virtue= VIRT
Maasai= MA/SAO*I
extremes= STREMS
exaggerate= XAJ
connective= KEFKT
tissue= TIRB
mattress= MAT/TR*ES
served= SEFRBD
begins= GINS
peaches= PAOEFPS
mirror= MROR
recognized= REKD
mother= MOER
doughnuts= DOE/N*UTS
neighbors= NAEBS
tango= TANG/O*E
dancer= DARNS

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