March 6 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 1, Episode 12

Jessica Jones Season 1 Episode 12exact= X-KT
exactly= X-LKT
blow= BLO
restaurant= STRAUNT
what you want= WHAUPT
bloody= BLOID
sodding= SOD/-G
silly= SLI
pity= POIT
she told= SHELT
honest= HONS
response= SPONS
I can’t be= YAB
paperwork= PAIRK
sorry= SOR
about= B-
I guess= IGS
renters= RERNTS
do I need to= DOIFRNTD
fool= FAOL
I didn’t believe= YIBL
trustworthy= TRUFT/WO*IRT
when he made= WHEMD
at the time= TET
severed= SWEFRD
maybe= MAEB
with the= W-T
how long= HOUNG
how many= HOUM
scanner= SKARN
app= AP
I didn’t think to= YINGTD
incremental= KBREMT/A*L
exponential= XO*ENLT
crushed= KRURBD
improvement= KBROFMT
forever= FOFR
remember= RER
releasing= RAOEGS
observation= OFRBGS
triple= TR*IPL
system= ST*M
doorman= DAORM
do you think= DOUNG
Godzilla= GOD/S*IL/A* or GOD/S*IL/LA*
acronym= AK/N*IM
barge= BARJ
carnations= KARNGSZ
worried= WOIRD
preempted= PREMTD
verbal= VERBL
berated= BRAITD
nurse= NURS
relapse= RAOE/LAPS
daughter= DAUR
incisive= IN/SAOIFS
approval= PROIFL
publicly= PUBL
internationally= SBAEL
privately= PRAOIFLT
how would= HOULD
awful= AUFL
starlet= STA*RLT
pizza= PIZ
theory= THAOER
you got= *UGT
unless= N-LS
interest= TR-
this could= TH-KD
who you think= WHOUNG
I am= IM
hidden= H*IND
as you= SU
with you= WU
original= ORJ
from you= FRU
person= PERN
I’m going= AOIM
relieved= REFLD
anger= ANG
loneliness= LOENL/-NS
last time= LAFMT
homicidal= HOMDZ/A*L
particular= PLAR
what the= WHAT
we’ll= WAO*EL
belong= BLONG
equipment= QIMT
eBay= AOE/BA*I
meth= M*ET
chemicals= KHEMS
recreational= KRAOERLGS
basics= BAIFKS
saline= SLAOEN
boric= BOR/*IK
acid= SDID
alcohol= KHOL
unpronounceable= UN/PROUNS/-BL
adeno= A/DAOEN/O*E
associated= SOERBTD
viral= VAOIRL
compounded= KPOUND
genetic= J*ENGT
disorders= SDORDZ
expensive= XEFNS
local= LOEL
price= PRAOIS
literally= LIRL/LI
couple= KUPL
trauma= TRAUM
murder= MURD
apologize= JAOIZ
how about= HOUB
forgive= FRIF
did you see= SDUZ
imaginary= MAEJ
bodies= BOEDZ
where’d= WR*D
eavesdropping= AOEVS/DRO*PG
when I see= WHIZ
this morning= THORNG
meticulous= MA/TIK/L*US
against= GENS
relationship= ROIP
medical bills= M-BLS
abilities= ABLTS
did you tell= SDULT
earlobes= AOER/LO*EBS
as far as= SFARS
besides= BESZ
Sabrina= SA/BRAOE/NA*
bottle= BOLT
water= WAURT
apartment= PARMT
who had= WHOD
money= MUN
information= N-FGS
to go= TOG
courier= KOR/Y*ER
that is not= THAFNT
breeders= BRAOERDZ
hasn’t= HAENT
upgrade= AUP/GRAID
New York= NORK
building= BL-G
you should= URBD
search= SEFP
are you sure= RUZ
refuses= R-FSZ
uniquely= YAOEBLG
qualified= Q-FD
who knows= WHONS
I’m sorry= AOIMS
can you give= K*UFG
lovely= LOFL
likewise= LAOIKZ
husband= HUS
company= K-P
interrupting= SBRUPGT
romantic= ROEMT
interlude= SBLAOUD
feelings= FAOELGS
definitely= DAFL
I do not= YO*NT
weren’t= WR-NT
everybody else= EFRBLS
I can’t think= YANG
when this= WH-TS
allow= LOU
happiness= HAENS
bartender= BAERND or BRERND
bartending= BRENGD
spying= SPAOIG
drones= DROENS
crazy= KRAEZ
lurking= LURK/-G
delivery= DLOIFR
number= NUB
machine= M-N
beans= BAOENS
upset= SPET
meds= M*EDZ
dangerous= DAINJS
won’t= WOENT
whack= WHA*K
chinchilla= KHIN/KHIL/A* or KHIN/KHIL/LA*
express= XREF
shipping= SHIPG
wouldn’t= WONT
banana= BA/NAN/A
bread= BRAED
nutmeg= NUT/M*EG
plenty= PLENT
disappointed= SPOINTD
unacceptable= SNEPBL
away= WA*I
vulnerable= VUBL
progress= PROG
distances= SDANSZ
slime= SLAOIM
extraordinary= XOERD
inherited= KBHERTD
genes= GAOENS
focus= FOEKS
blender= BLERND
right hand= R-ND
slowly= SLOEL
junkyard= J*UNG/YA*RD
metal= MAELT
back and forth= BO*RT
stools= STAOLS
searching= SEFPG
hoax= HOEX
magic= MIJ
performance= P-FRNS
fetishes= FET/*IRBS
wankers= WA*ING/*ERS
Delaney= DA/LAIN/YI
broomstick= BRAOM/ST*IK
backdrop= BAK/DRO*P
mourning= MOURNG
circle= SL-
womb= WAOUM
enough= NUF
forgiving= FRIFG
zodiac= SO*ED/YA*K
biblical= BIB/LA/KA*L
regret= GRET
goodbye= GAOIB
heaven= HEFN
specialty= SPERBLT
breaking and entering= BRAERKT
specialties= SPERBLTS
out of= OUF
New York State= NORKT
liquor= LIR
staircase= STAIRK
video= VAO
audio= AOD
could you= KOU
New York City= NORKS
as you can= S*UK
arena= A/RAOE/NA*
misery= MIZ/RAO*E
as long as= SLONGS
exploits= XLOITS
window= WID
hundred= HUN
did you think= SDUNG
powerful= POUF
desired= SDAOIRD
avoid= WOI
tender= TERND
moments= MOEMTS
tension= TENGS
I can’t= YA
I know= AOIN
Listen= L-N
disturbance= DURNS

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