March 5 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 1, Episode 11

Jessica Jones Season 1 Episode 11seven= SEFN
I don’t even= YOFN
school= SKAOL
I don’t want= YONT
starlet= ST*ARLT
nightclub= NAOIT/KL*UB
headline= HED/LAO*IN
tabloid= TAB/LO*ID
conversation= K-FRGS
photo= FOET
awake= WOIK
memories= MEMS
doctors= DR-S
minute= MIN
confused= KWAOUFD
save= SAF
drink= DR*ING
client= KLAOINT
story= STOIR
I can’t= YA
lynching= LIN/*FPG
dumpster= DUFRP/ST*ER
throat= THROET
along the= LAONGT
statement= STAIMT
screaming= SKRAOEMG
single= SINL
detail= SDAIL
company= K-P
etched= EFPD
brain= BRAIN
audience= YENS
choice= KHOIS
weird= WERD
mental= MENL
illness= *IL/-NS
center= STR-
of course,= -FX
morgue= MORG
scanner= SKARN
undercover= NOFR
corpse= KORPS
elderly= LERLD
examine= X-
list= L*IS
hire= HIR
authorizing= THORGZ
after-hours= AFR/HOURS
visit= VIFT
tragic= TRAJ
do you know= DAOUN
who this= WHOTS
embarrassing= KBRAGS
so much= SOFP
gourmand= GOR/MO*ND
confit= KAUN/FAO*E
male= MAEL
fancy= FAENS
restaurant= STRAUNT
assistant= SIFNT
acid= SDID
chef= SHEF
network= TWORK
grasping= GRAFPG
innocent= N-NT
protect= PROEKT
lesson= LEFN
24 hours= 24OURS
unconscious= KOUNS
blurred= BLURD
vision= VIGS
impaired= KBAIRD
judgment= JUMT
Vincent= VIFNT
Pennsylvania= PEN/PEN
plaza= PLAZ
Mount Sinai Hospital= MOUNT/SAOI/NAO*I/HO*PT
did this= SDTS
website= WAOIT
would you do= WOUD
breathing= BRAO*EGT
middle= MILD
ambulance= BLANS
autobiography= AOT/BAOIFG
battle= BALT
program= PRAM
apology= GAOE
in person= KBERN
relay= LAE or RAOE/LAI
message= MEFJ
steak= STAEK
cheesecake= KHAOES/KA*IK
tofu= TOE/FAO*U
wheat= WHAOET
berries= BER/RAO*ES
purple= P*URPL
irony= AOIRN/YI
minutes= MINS
ribs= RIBS
faster= FAFRT
heal= HAOEL
evident= AEFT
liver= LIFR
at least= TLAOEFT
brakes= BRAIKS
skid marks= SKARKS
humanity= HAOUMT
deserve= DEFRB
if you could= FUKD
attendants= TAENTS
I don’t know= YON
quitting= QIGT
cannot= KWOT
starving= STAFRBG
sacrifices= SFIS
that I have= THAIF
respect= R-PT
I said= IDZ
sweetheart= SWAOET/HA*RT
punish= P-RB
shoulder= SHOURLD
marble= MAR/-BL
positive= POF
nicer= NAOIRS
I guess= IGS
brush= BRURB
regular= REG
dangerous= DAIJS
exploit= XPLOIT
car accident= KARX
if you tell= FULT
pathetic= PA*EKT
victim= VIM
child abuse= KBAOUS
standoff= STAND/O*F
I don’t tell= YOT
texted= TEGTD
subject= SUBT
building= BL-G
hazard= HAZ
show me= SHOEM
upstairs= UPTS
reception= REPGS
you should= URBD
next= NEGT
collapse= KLAPS
doubled= DUBLD
destroy= STROI
evidence= AEFD
give me= GIFM
doorman= DAORM
later= LAIRT
asleep= SLAEP
go home= GHOEM
on the floor= OFL
fifth= F*IFT
because of= BAUF
medication= MEGS
soy= SO*I
milk= M*IBLG
girlfriend= GOIF
who is= WHOS
who the= WHOT
doc= DO*K
appreciate= PRAOERBT
concern= KERN
I think= AOING
relax= RAEK
do you want= DOUPT
and I= SKPI
anybody= NIB
have you been= VUB
where have= WR-F
stranger= STRAIRNG
stronger= STRORNG
where’s= WRAES
convinced= KWIND
behind= HIND
agreed= GRAOED
built= BILT
guarantee= GAURNT
they say= THES
coroner= KROERN
mercy= MERZ
must have= MUF
someone else= SWUNLS
reason= R-N
actually= TWAEL
ballistics= BLIFKTS
police= PLIS
issue= IRB
system= ST-M
combat= KBAT
enhancement= HAMT
it will= T-L
tolerance= TLANS
blue= BLU
lungs= LUNGS
pumped= PUFRPD
pizza= PIZ
private= PRAOIFT
family= FAEM
business= BIS
promised= PROMD
I can’t= YA
heaven= HEFN
bear= BAER
she knows= SHENS
meth= M*ET
increase= KBRAOES
adrenaline= DRENL
numbs= NUMS
stimulant= STIM/LA*NT
all right= L-RT
hero= HO*ER
from you= FRU
how do you know= HAOUN
brainwashed= BRAIN/WA*RBD
gouge= GOUJ
professor= PROEFR
church= KHUFP
community= KMAOUNT
duped= DAOUPD
together= TOGT
sliced= SLAOIFD
if I believed= FIBL

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