March 4 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 1, Episode 10

Jessica Jones Season 1 Episode 10bloody= BLOID
drive= DRIF
I didn’t know= YIN
monster= MOFRNT
barbaric= BAR/BA*RK
bullet= BULT
in my= NAOI
what he said= WHAEDZ
I couldn’t= YU
ambulance= BLANS
questioning= QEG
muck= MUK
evidence= AEFD
Louise= LAOU/AO*ES
bind= BAOIND
psychotic= SKOKT
powerful= POUF
weapon= WEP
I didn’t= YAOI
human being= HAOUB
medical= MEL
barge= BARJ
patient= PAIRBT
interesting= TR-G
if I feel= FIFL
he told= ELT
police station= PLAIGS
immune= KBAOUN
motel= MOELT
vaccine= VAK/SAO*EN
virus= VAOIRS
particles= PARL/-S
ingredient= GRAOED/Y*ENT
how long= HOUNG
biological= BL-L
sample= SAM
phrasing= FRAIGZ
blood= BLAOD
spleen= SPLAOEN
first aid= FRA*ED
equipment= QIMT
Barbuto= BAR/BAOU/TO*E
Washington= WARB/WARB
elimination= L*IMGS
perfectly= P-FRLT
secretary= SEKT
rhetorical= WROL or RA/TOR/KA*L
tell me= TL-M
what you did= WHA*UD
pregnant= PREG
with your= WUR
abort= BORT
remains= RAIMS
replicated= REP/LA/KA*ITD
pragmatic= PRAG/MAT/*IK
labs= LABS
doesn’t= DOENT
exists= XIFTS
father= FA*ER
civil= SIFL
exactly= XL-KT
thousand= THOU
sergeant= SAERNGT
precinct= PRAOENT
legend= LEJD
clearance= KLAOERNS
rate= RAIT
sarge= SARJ
context= KEGT
uniform= UFRM
serious= SAOERZ
altercation= ARLT/KA*IGS
I mean= AO*IM
I didn’t mean= YIM
officer= OIFR
backup= BUP
medic= MEKD
perimeter= PRIRMT
contain= TAIN
snatcher= SNAFRP
terrorist= TRIFT
trial= TRAOIL
irrelevant= IRT
system= ST-M
justice= JUS
option= OPGS
scientist= SAOINT
who thinks= WHONGS
hotel= HOELT
do you know= DAOUN
self defense= SD-FNS
murder= MURD
handle= HANL
optimism= OPT/M*IFM
survival= SWAOIFL
24 hours= 24OURS
scaffolding= SKAFLGD
fifty= FAEFT
thousand dollars= THOUDZ
womb= WAOUM
permission= PERMGS
problem= BLEM
windshield= WIRBLD
possibly= POBL
guilty= GELT
technically= TLEBLG
we should= WERBD
stairwell= STAIRL
uptake= AUP/TAIK
suicides= SWAOIDZ
neighborhood= NAEBD
obviously= OEFL
presumably= PRAOUM/BLI
roster= ROFRT
inspired= SNAOIRD
poison= POIFN
what I have= WHAIF
stupid= STAOUPD
embodiment= KBOEMT
guilt= G-LT
release= RAOES
tomorrow morning= TWORNG
suggested= SUGD
innocent= N-NT
legitimately= JILT
if I can= FIK
ace= AIS
did he even= SDEFN
it happened= T-PD
complicated= KPLIKTD
I didn’t do= YAOID
crush= KRURB
understand= NAND
repulsive= RAOE/PUFLS
lawyer= LAUR
no idea= NY-D
who this= WHOTS
stalling= STAULG
coward= KOURD
that he is= THA*ES
repartee= REP/PAR/TAO*E
provincial= PROFNS/Y*AL
disgust= SGUFT
rooftop= RAOF/TO*P
do you remember= DOURM
twelve= TWEFL
I remember= IRM
vividly= VIFLD
continue= T-N
darling= DARLG
revisionist= RAOE/VIGS/IFT
fungus= FUN/G*US
I couldn’t think= YUNG
I don’t want= YOPT
listen= L-N
admit= DMIT
it= T-
returning= RURNG
ashamed= SHAEMD
victims= VIMS
hadn’t= H-NT
building= BL-G
sister= ST-R
I can’t= YA
illuminating= IL/LAOUM/NA*IGT
piecing= PAOEGS
atrocities= A/TROS/TAO*ES
cahoots= KA/HAO*TS
psycho= SKOE
conspiracy= SPIRZ
capable= KPAIBL
gumshoe= GUM/SHAO*U
pathological= PL-L
healthy= HOILT
sanity= SANT
intentionally= SBLENLGS
insanity= IN/SANT
she has= SHEBS
captive= KAP/T*IF
single= SINL
destroy= STROI
eyes= AOIZ
couple= KUPL
standing= STANG
pupils= PAOUPLS
meds= M*EDZ
kind of= KAOIFND
literally= LIRL/LI
British= BRIRB
foreign= FOERN
dump= DUFRP
like this= LAOIKTS
what time= WHAMT
is it= ST-
bathroom= BARM
inmate= NAIT
former= FRORM
released= RAOEFD
he said= EDZ
favorite= FAIFRT
restaurant= STRAUNT
stamina= STAM/NA*
research= REFP
unregulated= UN/RELGTD
corresponding= KOERNG
contingencies= TIJSZ
stroppy= STOP/YI
forward= FAORD
doorway= DAOR/WA*E
calloused= KAL/L*UFD
innocent= N-NT
ultimate= ULT

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