March 3 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 1, Episode 9

Jessica Jones Season 1 Episode 9Jessica= JES/KA*
Kevin= KEFN
pretended= PREND/-D
murderer= MRURD
go ahead= GHAED
command= KMAN
hermetically= HER/MET/KLI
mundane= MUN/DA*IN
obvious= OEFS
melodramatic= MEL/LOE/DRA*UMT
sociopathic= SOERB/YOE/PA*KT
admitting= DMIGT
Ruben= RAOU/B*EN
across= KRAOS
beauty= BOIT
savagely= SAFJ/LI
attacked= TW-KD
alley= LAEL
forgot= FORGT
water= WAURT
conductor= KURKT
interrogator= SBROERGT
realized= RAELDZ
capture= KPUR
police= PLIS
Simpson= SIFRP/SO*N
metro= MROET
explosion= SKPLOEGS
Reva= RAOE/VA*
woman= WOM
video= VAO
afraid= FRAID
competition= KPEGS
sadistic= SDIFKT
children= KHIRN
captive= KAP/T*IF
settle= SELT
confession= FEGS
duress= DURS
inadmissible= NIFBL
window= WID
survivors= SWAOIFRS
hearsay= HAOERS
proof= PRAOF
scientists= SAOINTS
listened= L-ND
legal= LAOEL
obligation= BLIGS
juror= JAOR
we need= WEFRN
to believe= TOBL
ready= R-D
technically= TLBLG
fiancée= FAOENZ
vindictive= VIN/D*IFKT
authority= THORT
mistake= MAEK
pastrami= PA/STRA/MAO*E
lieutenant= LAOUNT
prank= PRA*ING
twisted= TWIFTD
ignore= GOR
suicide= SWAOID
serial= SAOERL
pension= PENGS
goodbye= GAOIB
apartment= PARMT
address= DRAES
dangerous= DAIJS
help= HEP
Googling= GAOLG/-G
footage= FAOJ
positive= POF
committed= KMITD
I didn’t think so= YINGS
Wendy= WEND/YI
yesterday= YED
secretary= SEKT
I didn’t= YI
law school= LAOL
Teresa= TER/RAOE/SA*
I feel= IFL
on the floor= OFL
bleeding= BLAOEGD
number= NUB
do you need= DOUFRN
referral= REFRL
with your= WUR
expose= SKPOES
ago= AG
cohabitation= KOE/HABGS
she just= SHEJT
more than= MORN
version= VERGS
reality= RAELT
inherently= KBHERNLT
persuasion= PRAEGS
stubborn= STBORN
repeat= RAOEPT
privileges= PRIFS
messages= MEFJS
doctors= DR-S
she could= SHEKD
gun= G-N
friends= FRENDZ
sergeant= SAERNGT
I can see= IKZ
finally= FLAOINL
visiting= VIFGT
prison= PRIS
appreciate= PRAOERBT
electricity= LEFK
switch= SWIFP
for the record= FRORD
you are= UR
submit= SMIT
into evidence= NAOEFD
pruning= PRAOUNG
what’s= WHAES
you’re welcome= YOURM
I remember= IRM
emotions= MAOEGS
performance= P-FNS
pathetic= PA*EKT
I don’t know= YON
what you mean= WHAUM
remorse= RAOE/MORS
cowardly= KOURLD
this happen= TH-P
powerless= POURLS
party= PAERT
admire= DMAOIR
commitment= KMIMT
at that= TA
idiot= ID/YO*T
Trish= TRIRB
attention= TAENGS
as long as= SLONGS
twenty= TWENT
that’s= THAES
almost= L-M
in the hospital= NOPT
investigation= VEGS
link= L*ING
fingerprints= F-PS
camera= KMRA
cameras= KMRAS
alive= LOIF
for a long time= FLONGT
company= K-P
inbox= IN/BOX
interns= SBERNS
worry= WOIR
how about= HOUB
accessory= SKOIR
after the= AFRT
includes= KLUS
first time= FIRMT
dismantle= SDMANLT
jury= JIR
I don’t like= YOBLG
ultimatums= ULT/MAI/T*UMS
background= BAUGD
details= SDAILS
location= LOEX
zoom= SAO*M
Eric= ER/R*IK
crying= KRAOIG
brother= BROER
study= STOI
rugby= RUG/BAO*E
childhood= KHAOILD/HAO*D
university= AOUFRT
Manchester= MAN/KH*EFRT
1985= NAINT/F*IF
professors= PROEFRS
studies= STOIS
hiring= HIRG
Spartan= SPAR/TA*N
Liverpool= LIFR/PAO*L
experiments= XERMTS
who is= WHOS
program= PRAM
associated= SOERBTD
Albert= AL/B*ERT
Louise= LAOU/AO*ES
Thompson= THOM/SO*N
guilty= GELT
after all= AFRL
familiar= FAM
collect= KLEKT
correctional= KREBLGS
decision= SDIGS
I made= IMD
what he did= WHA*ED
thank you= THAUNG
give me= GIFM
notice= N-TS
what I did= WHA*ID
you said= UDZ
support= SPOR
sink= S*ING
I guess= IGS
accountability= KABLT
Betty= BET/YI
long time= LONGT
intimately= INT/MALT
mother= MOER
involved= VOFD
floorboards= FLAOR/BAO*RDZ
river= RIFR
superpower= SPR-/POUR
hi= HI
manners= MARNS
degenerative= DEFGT
neural= NAOURL
disease= D-Z
virus= VAOIRS
tantrum= TAN/TR*UM
ironing= AOIRNG
destroyed= STROID
we know= WEN
insisted= KBIFTD
ghoulish= GOUL/*IRB
distance= SDANS
sociopath= SORB/YOE/PA*T
responsible= SPONL
urgent= URGT
conscious= KONS
meds= M*EDZ
altered= ARLTD
protocol= PROELT
Damascus= DA/MAS/K*US
insane= SNAIN
accomplice= KPLIS
kidnapping= KIPG
testimony= T-M
hello= HO*EL
fourteen= FOURN
dog= DAUG
proud= PRO*UD
wondered= WURND/-D
normal= NOL
assault= SAULT
resisting= RAOEFGT
arrest= AR
enough= NUF
year= Y-R
scissors= SIFRS
bullet= BULT
detective= DEFKT
follow= FOL

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