March 2 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 1, Episode 8

Jessica Jones Season 1 Episode 8to go= TOG
relax= RAEK
without= WOUT
twelve= TWEFL
misunderstand= MUND
safety= SAIFT
searches= SEFPS
serious= SAOERZ
consent= SKENT
confession= FEGS
two-way street= 2-S
collateral= KLAERL
ditch= DIFP
delusional= DLAOULGS
optimistic= OPT/M*IFKT
genuine= GAOUN
welcome= WEM
honored= HOND
tradition= TRA
defaced= DPAIFD
dare= DAIR
wasn’t= WAENT
easy= AOEZ
Sears= SAO*ERS
Roebuck= ROE/B*UK
furniture= FURNT
realtor= RAERLT
pictures= PIRS
happiest= HAEFPT
introduce= TROU
sanctimonious= SA*ING/TA/MOEN/YUS
salary= SAL
awaits= A/WAITS
bathroom= BARM
cozy= KOEZ/YI
you had= UD
Phillip= FIL/L*IP
edges= EJS
coup de grace= KOU/DA/GRAS
magnifying= MAG/NA/FAO*IG
appreciation= PRAOERBGS
imagine= MAJ
year-old= YAOERLD
peeping= PAOEP
neighbors= NAEBS
ashamed= SHAEMD
prisoner= PRIRS
precinct= PRAOENT
station= STAIGS
invite= VAOIT
psychotic= SKOKT
repulsive= RAOE/PUFLS
human being= HAOUB
disappearing= SPAERG
Simpson= SIFRP/SO*N
absence= ABS
worried= WOIRD
hungry= HOIRNG
suppose= SPOES
that went= THAFRG
unbearable= UN/BAERBL
finally= FLAOINL
purple= P*URPL
steroids= STERDZ
lurking= LURK/-G
awkward= AURKD
regardless= RARLS
dinner= DIRN
pasta= PAS/TA*
amatriciana= AM/A/TRAOE/KHA/NA*
favorite= FAIFRT
nauseous= NAURBS
liquid= KLID
chef= SHEF
bottle= BOLT
knack= NA*K
poetry= POET/TRAO*E
officer= OIFR
afterthought= A*FRT
tomato= TOE/MAI/TO*E
tragic= TRAJ
dismantle= SMANLT
detonation= DET/NA*IGS
murder= MURD
conscience= K-RBS
selective= SLEFKT
fungible= FUJ — BL
I shall= AOIRB
holdings= HOELGDZ
ridiculous= KAOULS
revise= RAOEFZ
monster= MOFRNT
livelihood= LAOIFLD
crisis= KRAOIZ
built= BILT
text= TEGT
special= SPERB
care of this= KAIFRTS
homicidal= HOMDZ/A*L
concerned= KERND
abandoning= BAUNG
think about it= TH*IBT
vacation= VAIGS
brother= BROER
already= L-RD
alive= LOIF
effort= EFRT
situation= SWAIGS
breakfast= BREFS
tolerable= TOL/RA*BL
actions= XZ
literally= LIRL/LI
Deluca= DA/LAOU/KA*
tonsils= TON/S*ILS
caterwauling= KAERT/WA*ULG
bacon= BAI/KO*N
surface= SFAS
mechanic= M-K
professor= PROEFR
math= MA*T
teacher= TAOEFRP
absolute= SLU
meatloaf= MAOET/LO*EF
duct= D*UKT
juvenile delinquent= JUFLD
burden= BURD
horrible= HORBL
teensy= TAOENS/YI
satisfying= SAEFG
you’re welcome= YOURM
hotels= HOELTS
violated= VAOILTD
cell= KREL
painstakingly= PAIN/STA*IK/-G/LI
parenting= PARNGT
motor= MOERT
Kevin= KEFN
scientists= SAOINTS
neurological= NAOUR/L*L
exams= XAMS
biopsies= BAOIPSZ
fluoroscopy= FLOR/ROS/SKPAO*E
cerebral= KRAOEBL
spinal= SPAOINL
fluid= FLAOUD
extractions= XRAXZ
elective= LEFKT
surgery= SURG
Albert= AL/B*ERT
hostage= HOFJ
negotiator= GROERBT
communication= KMUNGS
cell phone= SLOEN
suspended= SWEND/-D
evidence= AEFD
careers= KRAOERS
gunpoint= G-PT
destination= DEFT/NA*IGS
remove= MAOF
attention= TAENGS
chicken= KHIK/*EN
yes, sir= YES
cooler= KAORL
moral= MORL
zero= S*ER
dynamic= DAO*ING
duo= DAOU/O*E
genuinely= GAOUNL
Barbie= BAR/BAO*E
harness= HARNS
staggering= STAG/*ERG
meds= M*EDZ
blink= BL*ING
for a moment= FROMT
I remembered= IRMD
Chinese= KHAOINZ
Italian= A/TAL/YA*N
noodles= NAOLDZ
balance= BAL
sufentanil= SAOU/FENT/N*IL
legally= LAOEL/LI
impossible= KBOB
excuse me= SKAOUM

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