March 1 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 1, Episode 7

Jessica Jones Season 1 Episode 7suggest= SUG
my name is= MAOINS
Ruben= RAOU/B*EN
neighbor= NAEB
stink= ST*ING
stinks= ST*INGS
piece= PAOES
dollar= DLAR
Blimpie’s= BLIFRP/YIS
punch= PUFP
about= B-
Wendy= WEND/YI
Jessica= JES/KA*
have you been= VUB
stealthier= ST*ELT/Y*ER
subway= SBAI
platform= PLAFRM
lawyer= LAUR
papers= PAIRPS
afraid= FRAID
do you know= DAOUN
I mean= AO*IM
disgusted= SGUFTD
someone= SWUN
that you can see= THAUKZ
oozing= AOGZ
I didn’t mean= YIM
to do= TAOD
how long= HOUNG
Jazzercise= JAZ/*ER/SAO*IZ
sobriety= SBRAOIT
blows= BLOS
inspiration= SNIRGS
what you need= WHAUFRN
electrolytes= TROE/LAO*ITS
solid= SLOD
stomach= STUM
holy= HOIL
that’s= THAES
he made= EMD
I can’t do= YAD
you have not= UFNT
police= PLIS
evidence= AEFD
confirm= KWIRM
directly= DREBLGT
connected= KEKTD
yourself= YOURZ
option= OPGS
I go= IG
supermax= SPR-/MA*X
mousetrap= MOUS/TRA*P
compel= KPEL
security= SKAOURT
cameras= KMRAS
murderers= MRURDZ
expose= SKPOES
suspicious= SPIRBS
detective= DEKT
precinct= PRAOENT
Clemons= KLEM/O*NS
loose= LAOS
answer= AENS
dodging= DOJ/-G
convince= KWINS
fault= FAULT
losing= LAOUGZ
Udon= AOU/DO*N
noodle= NAOLD
salad= SLAD
implies= KBLAOIS
New York= NORK
stalker= STAURK
market= MARKT
protection= PROEX
detail= SDAIL
secret= SKRET
hermetically= HER/MET/KLI
removed= MAOFD
earth= *ERT
decide= SDAOI
despised= SDPAOIDZ
justice= JUS
exhibit= XIB
rapid= RAPD
rhythm= R*IMT
caffeinated= KAF/NA*ITD
temp= TEFRP
precedent= PR-NT
guilty= GELT
rich= RIFP
determine= DERM
guilt or innocence= GOINS
distractions= SDRAX
did you do= SDUD
request= KW-
nightfall= NAOIT/FA*UL
obligated= BLIGTD
criminals= KRINLS
commit= KMIT
report= RORP
cannibals= KAN/BA*LS
mosaics= MOE/SA*I/*IKS
victims= VIMS
fingernails= FIRNG/NA*ILS
specific= SPEFK
defense= D-FNS
I can’t believe= YABL
borrowing= BROG
Texas= TEX/TEX
booze= BAOZ
human= HAOUM
detector= SDERKT
always= AULS
addicts= DIKTS
let me= LEM
brother= BROER
I don’t think so= YONGS
initials= NIRBS
Etch-A-Sketch= EFP/A/SKEFP
twenties= TWENTS
harpy= HARP/YI
hello= HO*EL
off= OF
baby= BAEB
expect= XEKT
happens= HAPS
bridge= BRIJ
beautiful= BAOUF
naive= NAOEF
deserve= DEFRB
account= K-T
juror= JAOR
capital= KPAL
bribing= BRAOIBG
blackmailing= BLAK/MA*ILG
career= KRAOER
sickening= SIK/*ENG
association= SOERBGS
nature= NAUR
together= TOGT
percent= PERS
assets= SAETS
difficult= DIF
defend= D-F
secrets= SKRETS
cola= KOE/LA*
fidgeting= FIJT/-G
Brittany= BRIT/NAO*E
appointment= POIMT
showbiz= SHOE/B*IZ
terrific= TRIFK
prescribing= PRAOIBG
remorse= RAOE/MORS
responsibility= SPONLT
orphan= OFRN
credit= KRED
reasons= R-NS
publicity= PUBT
strategic= STRAOEJ
further= F*URT
savvy= SAF/YI
defenses= D-FNSZ
except= XEPT
accidentally= SDL-L
agreement= GRAOEMT
no matter= NORMT
where I am= WRIM
royalty= ROILT
respect= R-PT
enforce= KBORS
tagline= TAG/LAO*IN
restraining= STRAENG
city= STI
too much= TAOFP
intel= SBEL
yes, ma’am= YEM
assistant= SIFNT
trouble= TRUBL
mistake= MAEK
and I am= SKPIM
really= R-L
promise= PROM
scream= SKRAOEM
tonight= TONT
minutes= MINS
freedom= FRAOEM
goodbyes= GAOIBS
goodbye= GAOIB
lingering= LIN/G*ERG
did you get= SDUGT
where is= WR-S
did you do= SDUD
I really= *IRL
blood= BLAOD
guilt= G-LT
judgment= JUMT
complex= KPLEX
prison= PRIS
where the= WR-T
Simpson= SIFRP/SO*N
himself= HIMZ
handle= HANL
bludgeoned= BLUJ/O*ND
vacuum= VAK/KAO*UM
cleaner= KLAOERN
families= FAEMS
closure= KLAOUR
so many= SOM
this could= TH-KD
because of me= BAUFM
equation= KWAIGS
at this= TI
picture= PIR
coroner= KROERN
inflicted= KBLIKD
I told= ILT
psych= SAOIK
incompetence= IPS
pleading= PLAOEGD
reputation= R-PGS
impaired= KBAIRD
counsel= KOUN
waive= WAIF
cognizant= KOGT
public= PUB
defender= D-FR
last time= LAFMT
expedite= SKPAOIT
incarceration= KRAIGS
year ago= YAOERG
accident= SD-
Armani= AR/MA*N/YI
weapons= WEPS
accord= KAORD
suicide= SWAOID
torturing= TOR/T*URG
demented= DA/M*ENTD
challenges= KHALS
matches= MAFPS
Milquetoast= MIBLG/TO*EFT
irritating= IR/TA*IGT
crappy= KRAP/YI
fluorescent= FLOR/R*EFNT
cockroaches= KOK/RO*EFPS
profess= PROEFS
eternal= AOERNLT
television= T-FGS
deranged= DRAINGD
unsatisfactory= UN/SA*EFT
first thing= FIRG
you made= UMD
yearning= YERNG
I believe= AOIBL
memories= MEMS
footage= FAOJ
deleted= DLAOETD
manual= MANL
decapitation= DAOE/KAP/TA*IGS
present= PRENT
giraffes= JA/RA*FS
sensitive= SNEF
himself= HIMZ
floorboards= FLAOR/BAO*RDZ
wasn’t= WAENT
journal= JURNL
etiquette= ET/KW*ET
proper= PROR
stare= STAER

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