February 28 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 1, Episode 6

Jessica Jones Season 1 Episode 6there was= THRFS
kind of= KAOIF
freedom= FRAOEM
guilt= G-LT
logic= L-J
if you= FU
gentlemen= JE
have this= V-TS
might want= MAOIPT
poker= POERK
weirdo= WERD/O*E
where are= WR-R
ladies= LAEDZ
Harvey= HAR/VAO*E
interesting= TR-G
stimulate= ST*IMT
million dollars= M-LDZ
that should= THARBD
really= R-L
winner= WIRN
deuce= DAOUS
seven= SEFN
would you= WOU
money= MUN
dining= DAOING
on this= ONTS
story= STOER
seriously= SAOERLZ
post= POEFT
whoa= WHAO
beauty= BOIT
explained= SPLAIND
catch= KAFP
nighthawk= NAOIT/HA*UK
powers= POURS
magic= MIJ
how do you know= HAOUN
elves= *EFLS
so I can= SOIK
new= NU
favorite= FAIFRT
pool= PAOL
information= N-FGS
hone= HOEN
limitations= LIMGSZ
profile= PROIL
give me= GIFM
hire= HIR
middle= MILD
distance= SBANS
are you really= RURL
I said = IDZ
name of= NAIFM
notch= NOFP
private= PRAOIFT
investigator= VERGT
reasonable= R-NL
doorstep= DAOR/ST*EP
extra= XRA
rough= RUF
Angela= AN/JA/LA*
at the= TE
Antoine= AN/TWA*N or AN/TWA*UN or AN/TWO*N
disappeared= SPAERD
to find= TOFND
Serena= SA/RAOE/NA*
conversation= K-FRGS
boys= BOIS
hasn’t= HAENT
payments= PAIMTS
you= UDZ
promised= PROMD
sister= ST-R
you really= *URL
I didn’t= YAOI
ask= SK-
text= TEGT
phone number= FUB
address= DRAES
tonight= TONT
first thing= FIRG
tomorrow= TOM
if this= F-TS
I like= AOIBLG
Hogarth= HOE/GA*RT
accept= SEP
prison= PRIS
infirmary= KBRIRM
attacked= TW-KD
refuses= R=FSZ
accuse= KAOUS
attacker= TW-RK
bribed= BRAOIBD
guard= GAURD
expensive= XEFNS
Jessica= JES/KA*
Garcia= GARZ or GAR/SAOE/YA*
before or after= BOFR
fingerprints= F-PS
regardless= RARLS
will not= L*NT
she will= SHAOEL
isolation= SOELGS
exasperating= EX/SA*S/PER/RA*IGT
snacks= SNAKZ
cash= KARB
machines= M-NS
conundrum= KA/NUN/DR*UM
services= SEFSZ
rendered= RERND/-D
beatdown= BAOET/DO*UN
fifty= FAEFT
smokes= SMOEKS
careful= KAIF
digits= DIJS
satisfy= SAEF
punishing= P-RBG
penance= PEN/A*NS
I’m not= AO*IMT
pregnant= PREG
tumor= TAOURM
miscarriage= SKAERJ
children= KHIRN
usually= AOURBL
normal= NOL
client= KLAOINT
policy= POIL
quiet= QAET
cutting= K*UGT
first thing= FIRG
customer= KMER
bail= BAIL
airline= AIRL
receipts= RAOETS
plane= PLAEN
schedules= SKELDZ
toothbrush= TBRURB
toothpaste= TAO*T/PA*IFT
deodorant= DAOE/OED/RA*NT
amped= AFRPD
about this= B-TS
welcome= WEM
holy= HOIL
ash= ARB
lottery= LOT/RAO*E
tickets= TIKTS
useful= AOUFL
stupid= STAOUPD
hi= HI
message= MEFJ
congratulations= GLAIGSZ
winner= WIRN
within= W-N
24 hours= 24OURS
at this= TI
number= NUB
prize= PRAOIZ
will be= L-B
forfeited= FOFRTD
how often= HOUFN
yesterday= YED
arrangement= ARMT
employees= PLOES
reputation= R-PGS
businessman= BAM
daylight= DAILT
brawl= BRAUL
jail= JAIL
cops= KOPS
eight= AET
percent= PERS
five= FIF
professional= PROEFL
deliver= DLIFR
commute= KMAOUT
time of day= TAOIFMD
infect= N-FKT
internet= SBET
approached= PROEFPD
British= BRIRB
attached= TAFPD
issue= IRB
Jerry= JER/YI
polite= PLOIT
local= LOEL
secretary= SEKT
meds= ME*DZ
patience= PAIRBS
Pam= PA*M
who I want= WHOIPT
I didn’t= YAOI
wedding= WEGD
vows= VOUS
prison= PRIS
eleven= L-FN
o’clock= KL-K
tomorrow morning= TWORNG
did you mean= SDUM
Catholic= KA*T/L*IK
do you know= DAOUN
to believe= TOBL
reason= R-N
woman= WOM
good morning GORNG
Delancey= DA/LANS/YI
express= XREF
Puerto Rican= PORT/RAOE/KA*N
accents= SAENTS
brother= BROER
proof= PRAOF
accident= SD-
Reva= RAOE/VA*
details= SDAILS
crash= KRARB
administrator= MR-R
calm= KAUM
strength= STRENG
advantage= VANG
envelope= N-FL
instructions= STRUXZ
warehouse= WROUS
fourteenth= FO*URNT
foundation= FOUNGS
I couldn’t feel= YUFL
video= VAO
eyewitness= Y-NS
alarm= LARM
history= HIFT
survivors= SWAOIFRS
self-medication= SEF/MEGS
competition= KPEGS
do-overs= DO/O*EFRS
dangle= DAING/*L
edge= EJ
excessively= XEFLS
normal= NOL
sale= SAEL
research= REFP
hundred= HUN
thousand dollars= THOUDZ
exchange= XAING
beautiful= BAOUF
serious= SAOERZ
houses= HOUSZ
real estate= RAE
agreement= GRAOEMT
lawyer= LAUR
board= BAORD
selfish= SFIRB
suppose= SPOES
today= TOD
early= ERL
hasn’t= HAENT
arrived= RAOIFD
let me= LEM
follow= FOL
taxi= TAEX
prisoner= PRIRS
Christmas= KMAS
herb= HERB
teeth= TAO*ET
specialty= SPERBLT
easy= AOEZ
Meyers= MAO*IRS
Kruger= KRAOU/G*ER
through this= THRUTS
entrepreneur= SBRAOUR
future= FAOURT
how about= HOUB
is yours= SYOURS
renegotiate= RAOE/GOERBT
dogs= DAUGS
disrespect= DR-PT
out of the= OUFT
any= NI
idea= Y-D
promised= PROMD
priority= PRAOIRT
liquored= LIRD
forgive= FRIF
what do you mean= WHAOUM
would you say= WOUS
blood alcohol= BLOL
brother-in-law= BROERL
claims= KLAIMS
division= DWIGS
route= RAOUT
Conners= KON/O*RS
husband= HUS
sober= SOERB
become= B-K
murderer= MRURD
Charles= KHARLS
swerved= SWEFRBD
addict= DIKT
how much= HOUFP
collect= KLEKT
deliver= DLIFR
fetus= FAOETS
between= TWAOEN
absolutely= SLUL

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