March 7 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 1, Episode 13

Jessica Jones Season 1 Episode 13surprise= SPRAOIS
avoid= WOI
injury= JER
gunpowder= G-N/PA*URD
survives= SWAOIFS
because of= BAUF
cerebral= KRAOEBL
edema= A/DAOEM/A*
mannitol= MAN/TO*L
blunt= BLUNT
force= FORS
trauma= TRAUM
lacerations= LAEFRGSZ
unconscious= KOUNS
reception= REFPGS
area= AER
intracerebral= SBRA/KRAOEBL
catheter= KA*ERT
swelling= SWELG
weird= WERD
needle= NAOELD
needles= NAOELDZ
nurse= NURS
I got= *IGT
blood pressure= BLAOPS
remove= MAOF
ma’am= MAM
one of those= WUFNS
consult= SKULT
doctor= DR-
report= RORP
expose= SKPOES
out of= OUF
structure= STRUR
across the= KRAOTS
as far as= SFARS
lease= LAOES
disaster= SDA*S
I don’t know= YON
oral= ORL
meds= M*EDZ
reduce= RAOUS
crapshoot= KRAP/SHAO*T
obviously= OEFLS
emergency= M-J
address= DRAES
to this= TOTS
hospital= HOPT
neighborhood= NAEB
expanded= XAND/-D
range= RAING
boyfriend= BOIF
selfish= SFIRB
lost= LO*S
security= SKAOURT
center= STR-
east= AOEFT
wing= WING
common= KMON
regret= GRET
hatred= HAI/TR*ED
forgot= FORGT
fortunately= FORNL
tongue= TOUNG
skull= SKUL
crumpet= KRUFRP/*ET
upset= SPET
foil= FOIL
evil= AOEFL
reductive= RAOE/DUK/T*IF
pleasure= PLERB
nuisances= NAOUFNSZ
public= PUB
service= SEFS
for the first time= F-FRT
enjoy= GOI
at that point= THOINT
visitors= VIFRTS
virus= VAOIRS
throughout= THROUT
instructions= STRUXZ
video= VAO
screen= SKRAOEN
patient= PAIRBT
zero= S*ER
poison= POIFN
search= SEFP
hallway= WLAI
to find= TOFND
girlfriend= GOIF
slob= SLOB
cerebral= KRAOEBL
spinal= SPAOINL
fluid= FLAOUD
optic= OP/T*IK
nerve= NEFRB
very= VE
cranium= KRAIN/Y*UM
puke= PAOUK
drink= DR*ING
in the morning= NORNG
iced= AOIS/-D
suppose= SPOES
stupid= STAOUPD
infected= N-FKTD
doesn’t= DOENT
someone= SWUN
I think= AOING
we can= WEK
stitches= STIFPS
updates= PAITS
I had= ID
I have= IF
bleeding= BLAOEGD
actually= TWAEL
questions= QES
reach= RAOEFP
risk= RIFK
bloody= BLOID
educated= JAETD
percent= PERS
stronger= STRORNG
imagine= MAJ
give me= GIFM
enough= NUF
reject= JEKT
devastate= SDEFT
starvation= STAFRBGS
thirst= THIFRT
experiment= XERMT
begin= GIN
picturing= PIRG
normal= NOL
future= FAOURT
if you= FU
when you= WHU
sting= STING
poxy= POX/YI
branding= BRANGD
iron= AOIRN
Justin= JUFNT
hedge= HEJ
fund= FUND
broker= BROERK
Claire= KLA*IR
favor= FAIFR
who you are= WHOR
compliment= KPLIMT
nurses= NURSZ
outside= OIDZ
trials= TRAILS
connects= KEKTS
and how= SHPHOW
answers= AENS
finishing= FINGS
backup= BUP
teamwork= TWO*RK
text= TEGT
minion= MIN/YO*N
signal= SNAL
sardines= SAR/DAO*ENS
pickle= PIBLG
juice= JAOUS
remove= MAOF
earth= *ERT
ourselves= OURSZ
Shirley= SHIRL/YI
we’re= WAO*ER
neighbor= NAEB
what happened= WHAPD
ignorance= GORNS
and me= SKPHAOE
social= SOERBL
receiving= SAOEFG
too much= TAOFP
necessity= NES/TAO*E
separate= SPRAIT
each other= AOEFRP
connection= KEX
sidekicks= SAOID/K*IKS
sidekick= SAOID/K*IK
alcoholic= KHOK
hero= HOER
couch= KOUFP
biological= BL-L
material= TAOERL
fetal= FAOETL
tissue= TIRB
useless= AOULS
mistakes= MAEKS
partners= PARNS
forcing= FORGS
excuse me= SKAOUM
oozing= AOGZ
expensive= XEFNS
pro bono= PROE/BOE/NO*E
charged= KHARJD
info= IN/FOE
square= SQAIR
self-loathing= SEF/LO*EGT
subtle= SULT
Hudson= HUD/SO*N
ferry= FER/YI
terminal= TERM/NA*L
confident= K-FT
at least= TLAOEFT
it’ll= T*L
final= FAOINL
afraid= FRAID
present= PRENT
potion= POEGS
goodbye= GAOIB
behind= HIND
unbelievable= UN/BLEFBL
yacht= YAUT
otherwise= OERZ
bolloks= BOL/LO*KS
sodding= SOD/-G
clever= KLEFR
into this= NAOTS
sister= ST-R
perspective= PEFRPT
plaything= PLAI/TH*ING
contingency= TIJZ
beloved= BLOFD
ugly= OIG
displays= DPLAIZ
with a= WA
tell me= TL-M
friend= FREND
did I get= SDIGT
news= NUS
arrested= ARD
they can= THEK
neither= NAOERT
police= PLIS
worries= WOIRS
including= KLUG
nobody= NOB
except= XEPT
do you know= DAOUN
secret= SKRET
particularly= PLARL
monster= MOFRNT
linked= L*INGD
witnesses= W-NSZ
testify= TEF
brawlers= BRAURLS
cruise= KRAOUZ
Samantha= SA/MAN/THA*
testimony= T-M
convince= KWINS
jury= JIR
unbearable= UN/BAERBL
compelled= KPELD
innocent= N-NT
blood alcohol level= BLOFL
police officers= PLOIFRS
villain= VIL/A*N
messages= MEFJS
boyfriend= BOIF
abusive= BAOUFS
deleted= DLAOETD
brother= BROER
enough= NUF
hero= HOER

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