March 8 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 2, Episode 1

Jessica Jones Logoyou can= UK
anything= NIG
delivered= DLIFRD
anyone= NIN
New York City= NORKS
careful= KAIF
what you= WHAU
eventually= VAENL
particularly= PLARL
I should= IRBD
manager= M-G
humiliated= HULTD
blank= BLA*ING
friend= FREND
hungry= HOORNG
starving= STAFRBG
I want= IPT
vigilante= VIJ/LANT/YI
superhero= SPR-/HOER
T-shirts= TWIRT/-S
triple= TR*IPL
alley= LAEL
to do= TAOD
soliciting= SLIFGT
murderer= MRURD
Mavis= MA*IF/*IS or MA*I/V*IS
stronger= STRORNG
when you just= WHUJT
Patsy= PA*TS/YI
amazing= MAEGS
Christmas= KMAS
encore= AON/KOER or ON/KO*ER
toys= TOIS
crazy= KRAEZ
hospital= HOPT
confidential= K-FL
steal= STAEL
exceed= XAOED
secret= SKRET
with the= W-T
performance= P-FNS
daughter= DAUR
violation= VAOILGS
criminal= KRINL
married= MAERD
copied= KPAO*ED
holy= HOIL
swear= SWAIR
movie= MO*EF
Friday= FRI
except= XEPT
Boca= BOE/KA
serious= SAOERZ
did this= SD-TS
dinner= DIRN
early= ERL
did you= SDU
client= KLAOINT
lately= LAILT
something= S-G
for this= F-RTS
first= FIRS
second= SEKD
Kyle= KAO*IL
finally= FLAOINL
news= NUS
champion= KHAON
tolerance= TLANS
misery= MIZ/RAO*E
blackouts= BLAK/O*UTS
seventeen= SFAOEN
years ago= YAOERGS
between= TWAOEN
remember= RER
powers= POURS
experiments= XERMTS
Simpson= SIFRP/SO*N
busy= B-Z
about it= B*T
did you get= SDUGT
security guard= SGAURD
birthday= B*IRTD
party= PAERT
ghost= GHOEFT
recovering= ROFRG
meaningless= MAOENG/-LS
expose= SKPOES
starting= STARGT
connected= KEKTD
drink= DR*ING
open= OEP
alone= LAON
I don’t know= YON
all right= L-RT
chug= KHUG
at the= TE
beginning= GING
I want= IPT
adopted= DOPTD
lizards= LIZ/A*RDZ
threatened= THRENTD
whistle= WHIS/*L
proof= PRAOF
dinosaur= DAOIN/SO*R
wizard= WIZ/A*RD
afford= FAURD
personal= PERNL
pro bono= PROE/BOE/NO*E
objectivity= OEFBT
writing= WRAOIGT
pithy= P*IT/YI
lesson= LEFN
build= BL-
with you= WU
clarity= KLAIRT
o’clock= KL-K
Chang= KHANG
consulting= SKULGT
punctuality= P*UNG/WA*LT
management= M-GT
city= STI
pretentious= PRAOE/TEN/SH*US
issue= IRB
can I= KI
resources= SRORSZ
support= SPOR
suite= SWAO*ET
employee= PLOE
benefits= BEFS
hire= HIR
absorb= SORB
alias= AILZ
investigations= VEGSZ
autonomy= AU/TON/MAO*E
expensive= XEFNS
excellent= XLENT
branch= BRAFP
competitive= KPEFT
meaningful= MAOENG/-FL
eliminate= L*IM
competition= KPEGS
siphon= SAOIFN
idiot= ID/YO*T
I wouldn’t= YAO
is that= STHA
what you think= WHAUNG
option= OPGS
problems= BLEMS
punch= PUFP
unconscious= KOUNS
yourself= YOURZ
money= MUN
gigs= GIGS
Oscar= OS/KA*R
apartment= PARMT
hurry= HUR
of course,= -FX
Mario= MAR/YO*E
Jorge= HOR/HA*I
pretty= PRIT
successful= SK-FL
female= FAEL
attorney= TOERN
today= TOD
sisterhood= ST-R/HAO*D
founding= FOUNGD
partners= PARNS
mentors= MERNTS
generation= JAIGS
women= WIM
like this= LAOIKTS
we see= WEZ
thank you= THAUNG
honor= HOM
so much= SOFP
offer= OFR
lawsuit= LAUT
settle= SELT
assistant= SIFNT
jail= JAIL
legitimate= JIT
stupid= STAOUPD
consenting= SK*ENGT
scandal= SKANLD
donation= DPHAIGS
essentially= SERBL
continue= T-N
illusion= LAOUGS
rubber= R*URB
chicken= KHIK/*EN
deeper= DAOERP
effects= FEKTS
trauma= TRAUM
hypnotherapist= HIP/NO*E/THA*ERPT
memories= MEMS
buried= BUR/Y*ID
we should= WERBD
cheerlead= KHAOER/LAO*ED
ratings= RAIGTS
Ian= AOE/A*N
segment= SEGT
sliding= SLAOIGD
you got= *UGT
medical= MEL
experiment= XERMT
shadow= SHAOD
corp= KO*RP
exist= XIFT
corroborate= KROB
sister= ST-R
exposure= SKPAOUR
respect= R-PT
family= FAEM
heroics= HOER/*IKS
private= PRAOIFT
obvious= OEFS
lifestyle= LAOIFLT
format= FORMT
celebrity= SBRIT
hairstylists= HAIR/STAO*ILTS
otherwise= OERZ
difference= DIFRNS
together= TOGT
high school= HAOL
marine= MRAOEN
quarterback= QAERT/BA*K
I need= IFRN
leash= LAOERB
that he= THAE
habitat= HAB/TA*T
humanity= HAOUMT
building= BL-G
when I was= WHIFS
what I= WHAI
smug= SMUG
pumped= PUFRPD
blow-hard= BLO/HA*RD
storage= STORJ
unit= AOUNT
dramatic= DRAUMT
lowest= LOEFT
ashes= ARBS
Jessica= JES/KA*
missing= M*IGS
scatter= SKART
let me= LEM
this time= TH-MT
tomorrow= TOM
we have= WEF
continuing= T-NG
honor= HON
stardom= STARMD
I don’t have= YOF
blessings= BLEGSZ
month= MO
next= NEGT
gaping= GAIPG
what was= WHAFS
whether or not= WHRORN
records= RORDZ
you remember= URM
do remember= DORM
I remember= IRM
forgot= FORGT
cut= K*UT
good morning= GORNG
this morning= THORNG
canceled= KAELD
totally= TLOELT
messenger= MEFRJ
air conditioner= RAIRN
challenged= KHALD
I really= *IRL
you got= *UGT
story= STOER
tax returns= TRURNS
college= KLEJ
transcripts= TRIPTS
leveraged= LEFRJD
against= GENS
search= SEFP
tell me= TL-M
when I= WHI
boyfriend= BOIF
breaking and entering= BRAERKT
better= BERT
woman= WOM
monumental= MAOUMT/A*L
retainer= TRAERN
bro= BRO*E
I think= AOING
I can’t= YA
serious= SAOERZ
reputation= R-PGS
interesting= TR-G
hapless= HAP/-LS
British= BRIRB
clown= KLOUN
murder= MURD
away= WA*I
bomb= BOM
dare= DAIR
accident= SD-
human being= HAOUB
behind= HIND
probation= PRAIBGS
hospital bills= H-BLS
bruises= BRAOUSZ
dislocated= SDLOEKTD
shoulder= SHOURLD
could be= KOB
he could= EKD
facing= FAIGS
pop= PO*P
Trish= TRIRB
easy= AOEZ
killer= K*IRL
ergo= ER/GO*E
maybe= MAEB
it is= T-S
understand= NAND
tangle= TANLG
Griffin= GR*IFN
judgments= JUMTS
too bad= TAOBD
charity= KHAIRT
event= AOENT
bunch= BUFP
illiterate= IL/LIT/RA*IT
arrested= ARD
literacy= LIT/RA*Z
I don’t really= YOERL
stupid= STAOUPD
Sinclair= SIN/KLA*IR
incredible= KBREBL
you need= UFRN
Walker= WA*URK
damage= DAJ
relate= RAOELT
mortality= MOR/TA*LT
potentially= POERBL
separate= SPRAIT
I don’t want= YOPT
likewise= LAOIKZ
reschedule= RAOE/SKELD
appointment= POIMT
favor= FAIFR
doctor= DR-
e-mailed= AOEMD
remind= RAOIMD
he would= ELD
I see= IZ
surprised= SPRAOIFD
proposal= PROEPL
funny= FOIN
volatile= VOL/TAO*IL
homicidal= HOMDZ/A*L
distance= SDANS
regardless= RARLS
assignment= SOIMT
idea= Y-D
instead= STAED
profits= PROFTS
seriously= SAOERLZ
guilty= GELT
assault= SAULT
charge= KHARJ
business= BIS
out of= OUF
competition= KPEGS
in the first place= FR-PLS
description= SDRIPGS
injuries= JERS
what the= WHAT
do you want= DOUPT
protect= PROEKT
listen= L-N
Jesus= JAOEZ
meds= M*EDZ
did you go= SDUG
normal= NOL
schizophrenic= SKITS/FR*ENG
monster= MOFRNT
I don’t remember= YORM
I think= AOING
calm= KAUM
I don’t want to= YOPTD
I believe= AOIBL
I’m sorry= AOIMS
perfectly= P-FRLT
healthy= HOILT
muscle= MUFL
cramp= KRAFRP
afraid= FRAID
what happened= WHAPD
take care= TAERK
mongoose= MON/GAO*S
that was= THAFS
construction= KRUX
when I= WHI
he said= EDZ
coincidence= KWOINS
scaffolding= SKAFLGD
they made= THEMD
clozapine= KLOEZ/PAO*EN
antipsychotic= AOINT/SKOKT
I guess= IGS
milligrams= MIL/GRA*MS
testament= TEFMT
who made= WHOMD
prescribing= PRAOIBG
pharmacy= FARMZ
manufacturer= M-FR
distributor= DR-RBT
industrial= STRIL
garment= GARMT
handling= HANLG
must be= MUB
killing= KILG
skippy= SKIP/YI
doors= DAORS
we were= WERP
something else= S-LGS
whatever= WHAFR

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