September 10 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 1, Episode 3

Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 3
I don’t Like it= YO*IBLGT
tenet= TEN/*ET
bushido= BAOU/SHAOE/DO*E
mercy= MERZ
peaceful= PAEF
within the= W-NT
restraining order= STRO
Sophisticated= SFIFKTD
repair= R-P
at the= TE
what about the= WHABT
pier= PAO*ER
Patel= PA/T*EL
budge= BUJ
appraised= PRAEFD
that I want= THAIPT
handle= HANL
That I= THAI
day and night= DANT
that I can= THAIK
successful= SK-FL
succeed= S-KD
I guess= IGS
you guess- UGS
I believe= AOIBL
because it= BA*UTS
when you= WHU
disobey= SDBOEB
I asked= IFKD
to have= TOF
nowhere else= NO*RLS
to go= TOG
to us= TOUS
when he= WHE
do I need to= DOIFRNTD
any further= NIFR
I got= *IGT
take care= TAERK
and I’m going= SKPAOIMG
cooperate= KAOPT
so much= SOFP
are you sure= RUZ
fungus= FUN/G*US
blow= BLO
should have= SHUF
like this= LAOIKTS
tiger= TAOI/G*ER
internal= SBERNL
external= XERNL
momentum= MAO*UMT
too much= TAOFP
you have to= UFTD
master= MAFRT
and you should= SKPURBD
silence= SLENS
leopard= LEP/A*RD
punch= PUFP
all this= AULTS
derives= DRAOIFS
harnessing= HARNGS
chi= KHAOE
can be= K-B
obstacle= STABLG
amazing= MAEGS
we were= WERP
if I= FI
afford= FAURD
haircut= HAIRKT
building= BL-G
solved= SOFLD
Friday= FRI
Included= KLUD
I can= IK
bathroom= BARM
Starbucks= STAR/B*UKS
shower= SHOUR
united= AOUNTD
generous= JERNS
efficient= FIRBT
benefit= BEF
paperwork= PAIRK
talk about it= TA*UBT
something else= S-LGS
that needs= THAFRNS
attention= TAENGS
crappy= KRAP/YI
calculus= KAL/KL*US
I don’t see= YOZ
would have been= WOFB
romantic= ROEMT
oranges= ORNGS
flowers= FLOURS
Buddhist= BAOUD/IFT
tradition= TRA
kind of like the= KAOIFBLGT
what happened= WHAPD
to you= TOU
complicated= KPLIKTD
and every= SKPEFR
ridiculous= KAOULS
thirteen= THRAOEN
I didn’t care= YIK
vision= VIGS
at the end of the day= TEFNDT
by the= B*IT
must have had= MUFD
hundred= HUN
hungry= HOIRNG
neglected= NEGD
Calvin= KAL/V*IN
Klein= KLAO*IN
Jacobs= JAI/KO*BS
healthy= HOILT
vital= VAO*ILT
million dollars= M-LDZ
forty= FOURT
my name= MAO*IN
generosity= JEN/RO*FT
of this= -FTS
Darryl= DA*RL
how many times= HOUMTS
sensei= SEN/SA*I
pushing= PURBG
broom= BRAOM
scholarship= SKLARP
when the= WH-T
committee= KMAOE
future= FAOURT
dishonor= SHON
grass= GRAS
intern= SBERN
secretary= SEKT
hatchet= HAFPT
quiet= QAET
folding= FOELGD
estate= STAET
I’m guessing= AOIMGS
Meachums= MAOE/KH*UMS
relationship= ROIP
unanimously= NANL
physical evidence= FAEFD
identity= AOID
billions= B-LS
millions= M-LS
language= LANG
that you= THAU
to understand= TONDZ
if you want= FUPT
retainer= TRAERN
suite= SWAO*ET
Brooklyn= BLIN
dojo= DOE/JO*E
plastic= PLAFK
do you have= DOUF
hipster= HIP/ST*ER
New York City= KORKS
confidence= K-FNS
figured= FIG
agenda= JAEND
I like the= IBLGT
that good= THAGD
weapons= WEPS
disappointed= SPOINTD
loyalty= LOILT
you ask= UFK
emergency= M-J
imposter= KBOFRT
infiltrate= KB-FLT
consequences= KWENSZ
scissor= SIFR
shuffle= SHUFL
respect= R-PT
and who the= SKPWHOT
are you= RU
curtains= KUR/TA*NS
kindergarten= KIND/GA*RNT
first things= FIRGS
life support= LORT
auto accident= AOTD
weighed= WAED
negative= NEG
priest= PRAOEFT
rites= RAO*ITS
awesome= AUFM
donate= DMAIT
organs= GORNZ
Terrence= TER/R*ENS
nephew= NEF/AO*U
manage= MANG
last night= LAFNT
acquisition= KWIGS
strategic= STRAOEJ
do you ever think= DOUFR
library= LAOIB
definitive= DPIFNT
X-ray= XRAI
skateboarding= SKAIT/BAO*RGD
period= PERD
terrible= TERBL
obvious= OEFS
Hogarth= HOE/GA*RT
do you feel= DOUFL
what you said= WHAUDZ
and I really= SKP*IRL
Leon= LAOE/O*N
daughter= DAUR
dragon= DRAG/O*N
ambulance= BLANS
knockout= NOK/O*UT
otherwise= OERZ
Floyd= FLO*ID
Mayweather= MA*I/WHR*
offer= OFR
heir= A*IR
compensation= KPENGS
housing= HOUGS
allowance= LOUNS
amount= AMT
attribute= TROIBT
proof= PRAOF
fingerprint= F-P
assure= SHUR
depose= DPOES
establish= BLIRB
providence= PROF/DE*NS
they get= THEGT
delays= DLAIS
discoveries= SKOIFRS
depositions= DEPGSZ
fifty= FAEFT
yes, sir= YES
represented= REPD
legitimacy= JIZ
coffee= KO*EF
movies= MO*EFS
who he says= WHOESZ
at best= TBEFT
take the= TAIKT
and be= SKP-B
thankful= THAFL
did you go see= SDUGZ

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