September 12 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 1, Episode 4

Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 4
dedicate= DAET
serve= SEFRB
beings= -BGZ
some people= SM-PL
awake= WOIK
what is= WHAS
follow= FOL
karma= KAR/MA*
pictures= PIRS
wasn’t= WAENT
hallucination= HAOULGS
I had= ID
to see= TOZ
we had= WED
is it= ST-
alive= LOIF
diagnosed= D-GD
pancreatic= PAN/KRAOE*GT
there I was= THRIFS
take care= TAERK
with= W-
middle= MILD
misery= MIZ/RAO*E
with a= WA
cure= KAOUR

cancer= KAERN
debt= DET
infested= KBEFTD
story= STOER
fable= FAIBL
reveal= RAEFL
daughter= DAUR
assistant= SIFNT
eliminated= L*IMD
destiny= SDAEN
embrace= KBRAIS
litigation= LIGS
rightful= RAOIFLT
heir= A*IR
offense= OFNS
monastery= MON/STA*ER
studying= STOIG
kung fu= KUNG/FAO*U
nationally= NAEL
in the hospital= NOPT
under this= N-RTS
we should= WERBLD
representatives= REPTS
in my= NAOI
demanded= DMAND
purchase= PR-FP
pier= PAO*ER
Red Hook= RED/HAO*K
fighter= FAOIRT
Harold= HA*RLD
careful= KAIF
replacement= PLAEFRMT
about is= B-S
watch this= WAFPTS
sensei= SEN/SA*I
out of= OUF
cell phones= SLOENS
dojo= DOE/JO*E
hypocrite= HIPT
apology= GAOE
awesome= AUFM
seiza= SAI/SA*
online= AONL
bushido= BAOU/SHAOE/DO*E
ego= AOEG
channeled= KHANLD
effeminate= AOE/FEM/NA*T
momentous= MOEMT/*US
legacy= LEGZ
ladies and gentlemen= LAIJ
instilled= IN/STILD
for this= F-RTS
years old= YAOERLDZ
destination= SDMAIGS
survivor= SWAOIFR
New York= NORK
ultimately= LULT
Jennifer= JEN/F*ER
is it true= STRAOU
psychiatric= SKAOERKT
under the= N-RT
care of= KAIFR
familiar= FAM
it felt= T-FLT
overwhelming= WHOEMG
I felt= IFLT
bearings= BAERGS
Megan= MAI/GA*N
schedule= SKELD
appointment= POIMT
weepy= WAOEP/YI
crazy= KRAEZ
do you say= DO*US
for the record= FRORD
what did you do= WAOU
percent= PERS
shareholder= SHAIRLD
day-to-day= DTD
do you think= DOUNG
access= SKES
accounts= K-TS
hostile= HOFL
takeover= TOEFR
courier= KOR/Y*ER
Daniel= DANL
extraordinary= XOERD
opportunity= TAOUNT
foul= FOUL
it up= TUP
infected= N-FKTD
leishmaniasis= LAOERB/MA/NAOI/S*IS
roughly= RUFL
antiparasitic= AOINT/PAR/S*IKT
antimonial= AOINT/MOEN/YA*L
patented= PAENTD
Asia= AEZ
Africa= FRIK
America= MERK
eastern= AOERN
Europe= AOURP
customers= KMERZ
which means= KH=MS
we can= WEK
bulk= B*UBLG
dosage= DOEFJ
pharmaceutical= FARL
numbers= NUBS
normal= NOL
first day= FIRD
about that= BHA
introduction= TROUX
reporter= RORPT
adopt= DOPT
fingers= FIRNGS
care of this= KAIFRTS
crisis= KRAOIZ
Shaolin= SHAO/L*IN
one of those= WUFNS
I’m guessing= AOIMGS
after this= AFRTS
this afternoon= TH-FRN
regretting= GREGT
giving me= GIFMG
dredged= DREJD
memories= MEMS
so I had= SO*ID
to dO= TAOD
proud= PRO*UD
and when I= SKPWHI
double= DUBL
payday= PAI/DA*I
Duke= DAO*UK
enough= NUF
request= Q
facilitated= FAFLTD
leadership= LOIP
xiaoguilao= SHOU/GAI/LO*U
outsider= OURDZ
stubborn= STBORN
photo= FOET
dirty= DOIRT
on the floor= OFL
blanket= BLA*INGT
literal= LIRL
daily= DAIL
ration= RAFGS
sparring= SPARG
failure= FLUR
victory= VOIKT
deluxe= DLUX
vodka= VOD/KA*
tonic= TO*NG
Tarzan= TAR/SA*N
fresh= FRERB
jungle= JUNG
specification= SPEFX
liberals= LIBLS
shareholding= SHAIRLGD
shareholdings= SHAIRLGDZ
Williamsburg= WL-MS/B*URG
wandering= WAURNGD
multitude= MULT/TAO*UD
Chinese= KHAOINZ
restaurants= STRAUNTS
wielding= WAOELGD
criminals= KRINLS
triads= TRI/A*DZ
enterprises= SBRAOISZ
broker= BROERK
giant= JAOINT
extend= STEND
pledged= PLEJD
fists= FIFTS
rodeo= ROED/YO*E
pop= PO*P
mandarin= MAND/R*IN
illegal= ILG
so you know= SOUN
more than= MORN
willing to= L-GTD
previous= PRAOEFS
I don’t want to= YOPTD
faithful= FAIF
servant= SEFRBT
reward= RAURD
in person= KBERN
someone said= SWUNDZ
talented= TAENLTD
bodyguard= BOERGD
what do you want= WHAOUPT
one of= WUFN

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